Dry fans, Celia Lora shares the impressive messages she receives


Once again, the beautiful Mexican model, Celia Lora, demonstrated her skills as a host by presenting her now customary section "La Esquina del Ch @ queto" a series of videos where she is dedicated to talking with a friend while reading the messages she receives on his social network Instagram.

And you wonder why he starts reading comments for a video? Well, we explain it to you. On this occasion, Celia revealed to us that the idea was born while she was with a new friend she made, which was presented to her by Karime, her partner Acapulco Shore and with whom he now spends a lot of time thanks to being his neighbor.

In these times with the world situation It is not so easy to be going out and living with many people so Celia preferred to start seeing this young man, who is called Mickey and who can be seen to be a great person and a very good friend of the young Mexican woman.

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Already in the video they explain to us that Mickey was in charge of naming the section and that it is very funny, since they do this every day off-camera, being one of their most interesting and curious entertainments, although for Celia many times it's gross, most of the time.

That's when the confessions and the messages impressive fans that if you have not read about it will surely give you some laugh, because they are really very creative and always go overboard but helping her create this type of entertainment.

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The first message already reflects the quantity and quality of messages he receives, it is about a user who asked him to please "put one of his gases on his face" and there is no way to explain it in other words since that was precisely what you asked for.

The conclusion that the hosts of the program Celia Lora and Mickey have is that the fans are probably so desperate that they say "whatever it is, it doesn't matter, I just want some time with Celia."

Other users even want to eat "Celia's waste", something that really seems too impressive, since they are really disgusting requests that he did not imagine that Someone could make, in fact he revealed that they are one of the messages that they send the most and that many times it is of married men and even with children, although women also send their requests.

Celia Lora is in fact international because she receives messages from fans around the world, some speaking in English, even one of them decided to put her last name next to her name so that she would realize how it would look if she wanted to be with him , they don't waste time.

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Another of the fans, who by the way was a minor, asks Celia to please help him leave his country, that he would like to have a different life and that he please save him, to which she quickly reacted with a she laughs and wonders if she is now adopting children.

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However, one of the most creative and funny things of all was the one that gave this note its name, it is about a fan who confessed that “he dedicates a diary to him and that it is not a song, to leave him dry ”.

Some more make some promotional style requests, because as we know Celia has been promoting various businesses and companies to make themselves known and thus be able to improve their economy, so she also receives messages from many entrepreneurs around the world who want to help each other with her for financial relief.

They also ask you directly for money and exorbitant amounts, so it seems that they do not feel ashamed to ask these types of questions and almost almost demands.

Finally, we recommend you to be on the lookout for Show News so as not to miss any detail or news about Celia Lora and her daring pieces of content, as well as watch the full video of Celia since she has become a pretty good youtuber and makes an excellent pass a while to all who appreciate it.

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