Duty After School Part 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Popular South Korean online series Duty After School Part 2 debuted on March 31, 2023. The second season of Duty After School has just begun airing, and a few scenes have already been made available.

The plot centers on a group of Seongjin High senior seniors who are compelled to repel an alien invasion.

The president of South Korea orders the start of obligatory enlistment for all third-year high school students, male and female, during the worldwide alien invasion.

The eagerly awaited sci-fi and adventure thriller Duty After School is based on the popular webtoon of the exact same name. Enter to find out more about the acclaimed K-drama’s forthcoming season.

Duty After School Part 2 Release Date:

A well-liked South Korean online series called Duty After School debuted on March 31, 2023. After just a few episodes, this comedy was so well-liked that a second season was immediately ordered.

Your response to the issue would be a resounding “yes.” The second season of Duty After School has just begun airing, and some of the episodes have already been made available. Fans of this show are so enthralled by it that they can’t wait to learn whenever the next episode will air.

Duty After School Part 2 Trailer Release:

Duty After School Part 2’s official trailer is not available online. The Part 1 teaser video is available to see below.

Duty After School Part 2 Cast:

The secondary leads, Kim Chi Yeol & Park Eun Young, will be portrayed by Kim Ki Hae and Im Se Mi, respectively.

The former made her acting debut in 2020’s Wooliim Entertainment serial Dalgona, and she then appeared in The Witch: Part 2: The Other One.

It’s interesting to note that Duty After School is his first television series in which he plays the lead role.

Im Se Mi, on another hand, is an accomplished actress who has starred in important films including True Beauty’s Lim Hee Gyung, Terius Behind Me’s Yoo Ji Yun, and Love on a Rooftop’s Yoon Seung Hye.

The supporting cast of the new series includes 

  • Choi Moon Hee, 
  • Kim Su Gyeom, 
  • Lee Yeon, 
  • Kwon Eun Bin, 
  • Moon Sang Min, 
  • Woo Min Gyu, 
  • Kim Min Chul, 
  • Kim So Hee, 
  • Ahn Do Kyu, 
  • Shin Hye Ji, 
  • Noh Jong Hyun,

Duty After School Part 2 Storyline:

This engrossing science fiction drama centers on Sundong High School’s Class 3-2, which is a typical class in the third grade.

The lifestyles of the pupils were very typical. Some students were focused with romantic feelings for their friends, some with bullying the weaker groups, and still others with the university admission exams that would determine their destiny.

As enigmatic purple orbs fall like lightning from the sky, their daily lives will be upended. These are similar to the pods that brought the aliens to Earth, and if uncontrolled, they have the power to destroy whole cities.

The South Korean army finally gave up after suffering several assaults from these weird aliens and started enlisting people with postsecondary education.

The 3-2 class has been forced into military training and is now required to pick up weapons every day after school to combat these very hazardous alien species.

They are forced to play the parts of South Korean soldiers despite their reluctance since the government tells them that they won’t be in danger & gives additional academic credit to those who do well in this duty.

They will soon go through military training under the watchful eyes of Platoon Leader Lee Choon Ho & Sergeant Kim Won Bin, thinking they will survive to see another day.

They will next be sent on potentially fatal assignments where even one mistake might spell the end for the class.

Why will Class 3-2 do in this situation? The strange aliens & purple orbs which have started to descend from the sky are a mystery. And the solution would be purposefully revealed in the next show.

Aliens invading Earth doesn’t seem simple, does it? Moreover, do you arm third-year students with firearms so they can fight? Oh, what may occur? The subject matter of the program has previously been mentioned.

Well, we saw an extraterrestrial invasion in season one. The president then made the decision to require all students, including men and women, to enlist in the military as soon as things worsened.

In the school’s playground, the training sessions got underway, but when was the final one time teens took things seriously? Thus, they didn’t pay attention to their instruction.

Girls believed that it felt like a vacation, while the guys thought it was a computer game that had come to life and romanticized it.

But when they really saw an extraterrestrial devouring one of their fellow students and then rearranging his body, things really took a turn, and they are now rather serious.

As a result, if we discuss Part 2, it may examine how the students become serious and how they eventually had to engage the aliens in combat in order to live. There will thus be a ton of activity.

Where To Watch Duty After School Part 2?

The second segment will be streamed on TVING for South Korean citizens. The program is also going to be made accessible on Viu & Viki for certain locations, even if it isn’t yet available to the whole globe.

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