El Chavo del 8, everyone did not know his real name, until now

Although history would have revealed to us that the little helpless boy they called El Chavo del 8 had no identity, now they reveal his real name.

One of the most endearing characters on Mexican television is "El Chavo del 8"program that aired from February 13, 1973 to January 7, 1980.

The story portrayed a little boy that would have been forgotten by his parents in the nursery, when he was not claimed he was transferred to an orphanage where he would later escape and arrive at the neighborhood, same where an old lady with a good heart would have adopted him.

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Apparently the little He lived with her in the apartment with number 8, hence his nickname since after the sudden loss of the lady, the story of the boy who grew up was taking a barrel that he was in the middle of the neighborhood as his refuge and hiding at times.

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Sometimes, the charity of the neighbors killed the hunger of the child or the dream of whom everyone called "El Chavo del 8"Little was known by the neighbors, only that he was a child orphan, and would have come to the neighborhood for orange blossoms of fate and the compassion of that old woman.

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However the "Chavo del 8"Contrary to what was believed for many years, it did have a name, which corresponded to Rodolfo Pietro Filiberto Raffaelo Guglielmi.

This detail, revealed in the book "The Diary of El Chavo del 8"where it also reveals how the little boy came to the neighborhood, which became his home forever.

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It was one of the most watched series in Mexico and Latin America, so the departure of its creator, actor and producer Roberto Gómez Bolaños It meant a hard loss for the vast majority of fans throughout Latin America.

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He cast main was composed of Gomez Bolaños, Ramón Valdés, Carlos Villagrán, María Antonieta de las Nieves, Florinda Meza, Rubén Aguirre, Angelines Fernández and Édgar Vivar, who played Chavo, Don Ramón, Quico, la Chilindrina, Doña Florinda, Professor Jirafales, Doña Clotilde and Mr. Belly, respectively. The direction and production of the series fell to Enrique Segoviano and Carmen Ochoa.


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