El Hayiera Sí Exist, the Mexican film warns the end of the world by an incurable virus

New theories about the end of the world reappear regarding the Mexican film, "The Hub Would Exist", which they point out share apocalyptic prophecies with the fortune teller, Nostradamus and the popular Dark series.

In recent days, the controversy surrounding the alleged date of the Apocalypse to be reflected in the series of NetflixDark has occupied a large part of the subject on social networks.

In the German series, starring Louis Hoffmann, One of the scenes indicates that the end of the world would be next June 27, 2020.

Many fans of the popular series of Netflix are pending and mysteriously count the days, some others are incredulous and allude all to mere strategy of marketing, as it is known, on that date the new season opens.

It may interest you Dark, the series that they assure prophesies Apocalypse in 2020 by a nuclear accident

However, it is not without curiosity that the supposed date of the apocalypse noted in this story, match the various events catastrophic which the French fortune teller also predicted, would occur over several centuries. Particularly the 2020, which marked it as a special year for the number of prophecies as interesting as disturbing.

The most interesting thing is that the three warn of something that will happen on 2020Will it really be the end of the world, or is it the beginning of a new era that will change the course of everything?

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"He would have exists", is a Mexican film which is directed by Luis Eduardo Reyes. Throughout history, a key point is that it ensures that the end of the world could be caused by a strong virus that would attack everyone.

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In one of the scenes the protagonist receives a visit from a time traveler, something similar to what happens in the series Dark, the subject who visits her warns her that a strong affection would attack everyone.

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So at that moment, the mysterious man asks the protagonist "to end her relationship with Carlos or the world is going to end. "He even warns him that this epidemic will be a strong flu that is impossible to cure, very similar to the one that affects us today, the Covid-19 for which it was not easy to find a cure definitive.

You can also read Nostradamus and Dark series coincide in creepy prophecy

So, somehow it hints at the possibility that the coronavirus be that strong virus that ends the world this 2020.

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