Emily Blunt finally responds to rumors about her and John Krasinski

And they do the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been fantasizing about a potential real-life hiring of the couple for years Emily Blunt e John Krasinski for the roles of Sue Storm and Reed Richards in the Fantastic 4 reboot, and in a recent promotional interview the actress commented on the matter.

But during a recent show hosted on the Howard Stern Show, Emily Blunt's claims dissipated casting rumors that she and husband John Krasinski would be ready for a role in the film Fantastic 4 by Marvel Studios:

This is more of a fan casting"said Emily Blunt."Nobody got a call to our house. It's just some people saying, 'Wouldn't that be great are you ...?.' Blunt continued, candidly revealing that superhero movies don't even interest her: "It's not like they're below my standard. I love Iron Man and when they offered me the role of Black Widow I was obsessed with that movie, I absolutely wanted to work with Robert Downey Jr. - that would have been great ... but I don't know if superhero movies are for me today. We are on two different wavelengths. I do not like them. Really not."

The star of A Quiet Place e A Quiet Place II has explained his feelings about the abundance of cinecomics on screen, adding however that she would still be "interested" in playing a superheroine if the character was "really amazing": "It is a saturated market to say the least. We are literally inundated with it: it's not just all the movies, but also the endless TV shows. It's not to say I never want to play one, I'm just saying it should be a fantastic role. At that point I might be interested".

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We remember that Fantastic 4 will be released in 2023, although no release date has been set at the moment. What are your expectations of the cast? Tell us in the comments!


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