Tunis, IANS A Tunisian factory worker is making 50,000 face masks and other protective medical gear a day after going into self-isolation. 150 workers, mainly women, have isolated themselves in the Consomed Factory for a month. His manager Hamza Alauni told the BBC that in this war of corona virus, the spirit of patriotism prevails among them all.

Khawla Rebhi, an employee, said that she misses her family a lot, but the support of her colleagues fills them with new excitement. Reby, who is in charge of the production line, told the BBC that she was encouraged by her husband and 16-year-old daughter to do so. The factory usually exports its protective gear, but now the focus is to produce enough for the health sector at home. The North African nation, which went into lockdown on Sunday, has confirmed 227 coronavirus cases and six corona virus-infected patients have died in the past week.

Cofin line in Italy's churches, eyes filled with looking, people trembling, see photos "src =" https://www.1.com/images/newimg/29032020/29_03_2020-health-coronavirus-italy -_29_03_2020_20148707_15252715_s.jpg

Cofin line in Italy's churches, eyes filled with seeing, people trembling, see photos

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Let us tell you that the first case of corona virus was reported in Wuhan city of China. After seeing this, it started spreading to other countries. Now almost all the countries around the world have been hit by the corona virus. More than half a million people have been infected worldwide. The World Health Organization has also declared it an epidemic. At the moment, no country has a cure for it. Millions of people have been infected in the US as well. With this, the US has reached the first place in cases of corona virus infection. The number of infected here has exceeded China. Currently, all countries have a lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus.

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