Empowered and vain: Salma Hayek proves that the color red is hers


We all know perfectly well that the activity that Salma Hayek decides to carry out, will cause a total stir and impact within social networks, such is the case of once, a little over a year ago, when external to her fans that she missed Mexican food , in a very peculiar way.

It was through several images, where the Veracruz woman dazzled her most fervent admirers, and in the same way she showed all the culinary delights that she had the opportunity to taste on that occasion, showing that, the Mexican Kitchen It is and will always be your favorite, even if it has a more gourmet approach.

Therefore, the talented and vain actress, decided to remember a little of her native Mexico, through her official account of Instagram.

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However, the photograph that most caused the fury of the followers of the iconic and s3nsual interpreter, was precisely the first of the series of snapshots, because, it appears in such a flirtatious and natural way, that it does nothing but make everyone fall in love and each of the viewers of the incredible image.


Hayek, appears wearing what appears to be a raincoat, in a color as striking as herself, the bright scarlet red of her garment, does nothing but highlight the wonderful features of Salma's face, as well as enhances her beautiful attributes.

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Accompanied by a make-up of "smoky eyes" and a lipstick that draws total attention, in the same way in red tones, it shows once and for all that, without a doubt, the color red, which shows courage, courage, strength, vanity and p @ sión, is a color that perfectly defines the personality of the beautiful woman from Veracruz.

In the same way, her long, wavy black hair gives her a touch of sensuality that was not really necessary, as she overflows with this feature with a peculiar naturalness, but it had to be mentioned.

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In the following images, Salma lets us see each and every meal she tasted in the exclusive gourmet Mexican food restaurant of the renowned Mexican chef Enrique Olvera: “Pujol”, in the same way, she showed us all, the grill where the dishes were made, the elegant presentations, and part of the production team of the culinary enclosure.

And as we mentioned before, the publication made just over a year ago, exactly on October 2, 2019, managed to collect a total of 248, 202 likes, within the photo platform.
Likewise, his followers left all kinds of messages in the comment box, gathering hundreds of them, in some, his followers cannot contain himself from mentioning how beautiful and perfect it is, just as there were others who savored culinary delicacies that the actress gave herself to the task of sharing.

Without a doubt, Mexican food is one of the most varied and delicious in the world, and clearly Salma Hayek knows that very well, who was born and lived a large part of her youth in this country, and every chance she gets shows her love. and devotion to delicious Mexican food, either attending restaurants of this type, or cooking them herself from the comfort of her home, and in that way reconnect with her roots through the characteristic flavors and smells of Mexican cuisine. .

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The producer, who is also a producer, always has something she wants to share with her loyal followers, and they are eternally grateful on each occasion, since Hayek tries to at least share something of her private life, daily, to feel more close and confident. with his admirers.

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