Encounter Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Encounter Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

When two individuals from diverse backgrounds meet, the rest is tradition. What binds them is destiny, what keeps there apart is reality, and in the void between them is life, which they can share only if they are physically close to one another.

They’ve been rejected by everyone else in their lives and are constantly let down by reality, so they rely on one other to keep going. The issue is how they can maintain their relationship. Encounter, which was released in November of 2018, is a roller coaster of melodrama, passion, and melancholy.

This Korean drama, helmed by Park Shin-woo and starring Song Hye-kyo & Park Bo-gum, has been a hit with viewers ever since it first aired, prompting calls for a second season.

whether you want to know whether Encounter will return for a second season or if it was recently canceled, then you should read the complete article.

Encounter Season 2 Release Date:

Fans have consistently praised the show’s premise and performances since the first season’s widespread acclaim. However, the studio behind Encounter Season 2 has yet to get word on the show’s premiere date.

If there had been a second season, the creators would have revealed certain details to the viewers. Nonetheless, given that they reveal nothing at this time about the show, fans might hold out hope that this will change shortly.

Otherwise, it might be assumed that the station has permanently cancelled the program due to the extended period of silence.

Encounter Season 2 Trailer Release:

There is currently no Season 2 of Encounter trailer accessible on the internet.

Encounter Season 2 Cast:

  • Song Hye-kyo as Cha Soo-hyun
  • Park Bo-gum as Kim Jin-hyuk
  • Jang Seung-jo as Jung Woo-seok
  • Moon Sung-keun as Cha Jong-hyun
  • Nam Gi-ae as Jin Mi-ock
  • Ko Chang-seok as Nam Myeong-sik
  • Kwak Sun-young as Jang Mi-jin
  • Cha Hwa-yeon as Chairman Kim Hwa-jin

Encounter Season 2 Storyline:

‘The Uncanny Counter 2’ starring Yoo In Soo premiered on TVN on July 6.His name is Na Jeok-bong, and his persona, although rather bland, is endearing and has a good heart.

New cast member Yoo In-soo joins veterans Kim Se-jeong, Jo Byeong-gyu, Yoo Jun-sang, & Yeom Hye-ran in the role of a young and naive rural lad who longs to blend in with the fast-paced lifestyle of the city.

Fate brings together a lady who feels to have it all and a young guy who appears to have nothing, and the two decide to forgo their seemingly comfortable lives in exchange for one another.

Daughter of a politician, Cha Soo-hyun (Song Hye-kyo) is led about by the hand and has a miserable existence. Because of his extramarital romance, she divorced the wealthy family to whom she had been sold. Soo-hyun’s divorce is contingent upon her continuing to make funeral and other family appearances as requested by her ex-mother-in-law.

She meets the free-spirited Kim Jin-hyuk (Park Bo-gum) while on a business trip to Cuba. They hang out often. When they finally return to South Korea, he finds her working in the Donghwa Hotel, thanks to the alimony she got. They’re drawn to each other, but their future together is ultimately up to chance.

Daughter of a prominent political family, Cha Soo Hyun (Song Hye Kyo) has a lot of influence in the world. She just recently ended her planned marriage to a rich man. Because she is tired of others telling her what to do, she chooses to go overseas.

Along the way, she meets Kim Jin Hyuk (Park Bo Gum), a youthful, free-thinking man. They are attracted to one other despite their differences.

What happens whenever a man and a woman who, at first glance, seem to have nothing in common have an encounter that ends up becoming a tangled love story?

As the daughter of a lawmaker, Cha Soo Hyun must navigate a real world in which she has little to no say over her daily decisions. After finishing her education, she wed the son of a wealthy family since her politician father saw the marriage as a win-win situation for both families. She is then isolated from the group. When she meets Kim Jin Hyuk, a straightforward and nice man, her life is forever altered.

Kim Jin Hyuk is a regular, trustworthy teen who takes pleasure in the simple pleasures of life. He makes a livelihood in a variety of low-maintenance jobs but is still on the lookout for something more typical to do with his time. He eventually decides to visit a foreign country, and there he encounters Cha Soo Hyun.

Where To Watch Encounter Season 2?

The program premiered in South Korea on TVN. With its impressive ratings, the show quickly became the channel’s fourth smash hit series.

The program is now available on Viki and ViuTV as well. Sixteen episodes were broadcast between November 28, 2018, and January 24, 2019.

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