Enola Holmes Ending Explained: Eudoria, the Reform Act and What’s Next for Enola?


What was Eudoria planning to do?

First, she extracted money from her son Mycroft (who had inherited Ferndell Hall when his father died) on the pretence that she needed it for upkeep on the property and to maintain a raft of servants and instructors for Enola. Instead, the pair lived with a single housekeeper and Eudoria taught Enola herself, channelling the money to fund her activism. 

The explosives Enola discovered in Limehouse Lane were presumably intended to blow up targets in London to protest the lack of women’s suffrage. 

What was Edith Grayston’s Tea Shop?

Millie Bobby Brown Susan Wokoma in Enola Holmes

A front for the women’s suffrage organisation to which Eudoria and Edith belong. Edith (played by Susan Wokoma) ran self-defence and Jiu-jitsu classes above the tea shop, an educational facility with “seditious, dangerous and extremely banned bookshelves,” as remarked upon by a visiting Sherlock Holmes.

Who was trying to kill the Viscount Tewksbury and why?

His grandmother, the Dowager, played by Frances de la Tour (perhaps best recognised by young audiences for the role of half-giant Madame Maxime in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

). Enola was right – a widow is a very handy disguise. A staunch conservative who opposed reformation in any form, the Dowager felt it was her duty as a member of the British landed gentry to preserve the family estate – and England – exactly as it was, and to stand in the way of progress. She explained as much to Enola on their walk through Bellwether House grounds. 

The Dowager knew that her eldest son – the young Viscount’s father – was a radical who would use his vote in the House of Lords (the UK parliament’s second chamber, at that time filled solely by hereditary peers who inherited their titles, seats and power without appointment or election, with the power to scrutinise bills approved by the elected members of the House of Commons) to pass reform acts, therefore changing the status quo. She staged a burglary in which her son was killed, and then, when his similarly progressive son came of age and inherited the peerage, she employed an assassin to attempt to kill him too. 

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