Enrique Peña Nieto receives hard news about contagion from his girlfriend Tania Ruiz

Strong news would have reached Enrique Peña Nieto about his girlfriend Tania Ruiz after they assured, he contracted the Covid-19.

According to the exclusive source, the current love of Ex leader He could see his life at risk after adding to the statistics those infected with the virus.

The news immediately shocked millions of Mexicans after the exclusive means Hello, confirmed this news.

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Apparently, the new diagnosis that faces its own Tania Ruiz it arose after a trip to San Luis Potosi.

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Then now, Tania would be facing against coronavirusAccording to the aforementioned reports, the beautiful model was tested after presenting a series of symptoms, so the results would confirm her suspicions.

Everything seems to indicate that the model travels constantly to San Luis Potosi where his daughter is also Charlotte, and it was on the return to his residence where he felt some discomfort that set off the alarms.

How there are moments in life that hurt , that teach you , that cost you⛈, that comfort you , that bring you like a roller coaster , that have you as a wheel of fortune , that you squeeze like a washing machine. As well as happy moments , unforgettable moments❤️, unique moments , moments of peace and moments that you cannot change ; But having the option to live them in another way. Today I want you to know that any of the moments you are living, know that where your strength ends, God's begins comienzan⭐. We are not made of iron, but we do have a heart ❤️. Where without knowing where we are standing, God puts us moments where things do not change, because he is only waiting for you to make a change within yourself! So get up from where you are today, God erase that past and we go where God wants us to go and write a better future for you☀️. We are going for this great opportunity to live. Where it is not what surrounds you, but what inhabits you❤️.

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Among some of the symptoms that the pretty model and girlfriend of former president Mexican has presented, as revealed, are the loss of smell and taste, fortunately in a respiratory matter has not had complications they assure, so it is expected that the model will recover sooner than expected.

So far, neither Enrique Peña Nieto nor the model Tania Ruiz, have spoken on the subject.

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However, two weeks ago, the model He made an appearance with his partner on social networks after that through an emotional publication, both appeared very close.

The main reason was birthday from the president to whom Tania Ruiz He dedicated a tender message that between the lines read as follows:

Happy Birthday!! Happy life!! Today is a day to give Thanks. I not only celebrate today that it is your birthday. But every day for your existence and for being in my life, were the first words of the model towards her partner.

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With this, the model It would also seek to silence rumors about a possible separation between the two.


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