Erased Anime Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

A manga series by Kei Sanbe called Erased is known in Japan as Boku Dake ga Inai Machi. Netflix debuted a real-life drama series in December 2017.

A spin-off manga was released from June to November 2016, while Hajime Ninomae created a spin-off book series for Kadokawa’s Bungei Kadokawa magazine from November 2015 to March 2016.

If you’re also curious about the release date for Erased Season 2, keep reading this page.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi, commonly known as “Erased,” or “The Town Where Just I Am Missing,” is a 2016 supernatural mystery anime.

The anime is created by A-1 Pictures and Noitamina on Fuji TV. From January 8 to March 25, 2016, it was shown in Japan and was simulcast on Crunchyroll, Daisuki, Funimation, and AnimeLab.

It is based on the Kei Sanbe-written and -illustrated manga book series of the same name. After being picked up by Netflix for streaming, “Erased” gained new followers half ten years after the anime had completed showing.

Over the past few years, the streamer has concentrated on expanding its selection of anime films. Does this increase the likelihood that ‘Erased’ will get a second season? Let’s investigate.

Erased Anime Season 2 Release Date:

It’s challenging to reveal Erased’s second season without official word of a renewal. The season’s start date has not been formally declared. A release date hasn’t been formally announced yet.

If the program is soon brought back, it is likely that season 2 will be released in the winter of 2022–2023.

Erased Anime Season 2 Trailer Release:

The second season of Erased has no trailer as of yet. However, keep returning to our website as we will continue to keep you informed of any new details about the next season.

You may view it on the website if it is usable. The trailer for the season before is available here.

Erased Anime Season 2 Cast:

The cast members anticipated to come back for the following season are as follows:

  • As Satoru Fujinuma, Ben Diskin
  • Sachiko Fujinuma is played by Minami Takayama.
  • Gaku Yashiro is played by David W. Collins.
  • Kayo Hinazuki is Stephanie Sheh.
  • Ayaka Nanase portrays Osamu, 
  • Christine Marie Cabanos plays Hiromi Sugita.

Erased Anime Season 2 Storyline:

The story of “Erased” centers on Satoru Fujinuma, a young man from Chiba with a unique talent known as “Revival,” which allows him to escape a dangerous situation by traveling back on time a few moments before it happens.

He is able to prevent such fatal events because to this gift. Satoru is given a second chance to rescue his mother after she is killed in his home by an unidentified attacker and to put an end to the kidnapping that claimed the lives of all three of his classmates.

Despite diverging somewhat from the manga’s plot, the anime had a satisfactory ending that answered all the mysteries. If another season is granted, writers will have to come up with a fresh story.

Satoru could have to deal with a fresh mystery to unravel or an additional murder to stop. Whatever it is, it seems sense that his time-traveling prowess will be at the center of it. The manga includes a follow-up book that explores what happened after the events of “Erased.”

It explored the killer’s motives, which may make for fantastic season 2 content. Science fiction anime The plot centers on Satoru Fujinuma, a young man with the “Revival” talent, which allows him to go back in time to the moments just before a potentially fatal occurrence so that he may stop it from occurring again.

But he is transported back 18 years in time when his mom is killed. The “revival” power enables him to stop an occurrence that claimed the existence of all three of his boyhood pals in addition to saving his mother.

The first seven volumes of the manga were covered in Season 1. Although it did not quite follow the manga, the plot was concluded completely. So what will the second season’s storyline be? The spin-off series of manga is what first comes to mind.

The side tale occurs while Satoru Fujinuma, the main character, is still unconscious and eventually in a coma for 15 years. As a junior high school student, Kayo Hinazuki now occupies the center of the narrative. [Crunchyroll]

The authors may devise a fresh plot based on Satoru’s capacity for time travel. These are only recommendations, therefore we should hold out until the formal announcement.

Erased Anime Season 2 Rating:

I can assure you that the series is very wonderful if you haven’t seen it and are curious about its caliber.

The show has a respectable IMDb rating of 8.5/10 and an average audience rating of 8.32/10 on My Anime List. So in my opinion, this program is definitely one to keep.

Read what people who watched it after you had to say if you’re still unsure about it.

Erased Anime Season 2 Review:

This animation work is outstanding. I began to observe it and was shocked by every one of the twelve episodes.

The story effectively combines two moods, being both dramatic and heartwarmingly sorrowful.

The pace is excellent; it provides enough of room for character growth and a compelling narrative that keeps you interested from start to finish. The music is excellent; the first song was good, but the ending song was outstanding.

The overall theme was incredibly nicely done and perfectly complemented each of the film’s scenes. The animation is quite complex and skillfully done.

The only thing I can say against it is that it starts and finishes too quickly. The whole series was seen in one sitting, and I hoped there were more.

I was ready for at least a couple additional episodes of this excellent show, but there were only eight manga volumes, and the manga was starting to lose its appeal.

Overall, it’s amazing and worth watching for every minute. There are many more reasons to see it, like how inspiring and in-depth it is, how strong the concepts are, how well-balanced the story is, how dramatic it is, and many more. One of the finest concerts I’ve ever seen, without a doubt.

How Many Episodes Of The Next Erased Season Will There Be?

As the previous seasons of Erased also had 12 episodes, the upcoming season may have 12 or more if the showrunner chooses to make it. So, in the upcoming season, we can anticipate at least 12 attacks.

  1. Flashing Before My Eyes, Episode 1
  2. Palm of the Hand, Episode 2
  3. Birthmark, Episode 3
  4. Accomplishment, Episode 4
  5. Getaway, Episode 5
  6. Grim Reaper, Episode 6
  7. Out of Control, Episode 7
  8. Spiral, Episode 8
  9. Closure, Episode 9
  10. Joy, Episode 10
  11. Future, Episode 11
  12. Treasure, Episode 12

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