Escape Room 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Escape Room 3 is one of the best ways to treat fans of horror series. The Escape Room franchise is in charge of the show.

Their amazing work has already been shown in the first two seasons of the Escape Room, which were called the Escape Room and the Escape Room: Tournament of Champions. The show is directed by Adam Robitel, and Neal H. Moritz is in charge of making it for Columbia Pictures and Original Film.

Escape Room 3 is a scary movie that gives thrills in a way that makes people want to jump out of their seats and hold on to them at the same time. The story will continue from where the movie Escape Room: Tournament of Champions left off with its second season.

All eyes have been drawn to the well-put-together casts and top-notch content. The series was a great piece of work that drew in people who liked horror movies and people who didn’t like horror movies. And that’s why everyone wants to see Season 3 of Escape.

Escape Room 3 Release Date:

Since it hasn’t been affirmed yet, Escape Room 3 doesn’t have an official release date. But if we did get Escape Room 3, we could use the second one to figure out when to do things.

Tournament of Champions was supposed to come out in April 2020. Since the first movie came out in January 2019, that would have been a little over a year away. This date changed a lot. At one point, it was set for January 2022, but now it’s set for July 16, 2021.

If it gets the go-ahead, it seems more likely that it will go back to January. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear any of it, but it won’t be out in 2023.

Escape Room 3 Trailer Release:

As was said above, Sony hasn’t confirmed Escape Room 3, so it probably hasn’t began filming and we won’t see any footage for a long time. Apologies for that.

There hasn’t been a trailer yet. But we’ll do our best to let you know as soon as we hear anything.

Escape Room 3 Cast:

The American survival series has a lot of talented people in it. The creators of the franchise knew that the cast was a big part of what made the show so popular.

The franchise’s choice of actors and actresses did a great job, leaving fans with a strong impression that made it easy for them to love them. When the producers decided to make a second version, the actors were different. Here is a list of the actors and actresses in both seasons, together with their actors and roles:

  • Zoey Davis, played by Taylor Russell
  • Logan Miller as Ben Miller
  • Deborah Ann Woll played Amanda Harper, and Holland Roden played Rachel Ellis.
  • Brianna Collier, played by Indya Moore.
  • Nathan, played by Thomas Cocquerel
  • Theo, played by Carlito Olivero
  • Claire, played by Isabelle Furhman
  • Henry played by James Frain
  • Tanya Van Graan as Sonya

Lucy Newman-Williams played Zoey’s therapist, Scott Coker played an FBI agent, and Matt Esof played a homeless man.

The leading cast and guest stars from the first second season could help get Escape Room 3 made. Even though it’s not certain, we can predict some of the cast to show up again in a big way in Escape Room 3.

Escape Room 3 Storyline:

At the finish of the first movie, it looked like Minos was setting Zoey (Taylor Russell) and Ben (Logan Miller) up for an escape room on a plane. However, they were able to avoid it by driving to Minos’ headquarters in New York City.

They don’t get away from Minos for long, though. Soon, Rachel (Holland Roden), Brianna (Indya Moore), Nathan (Thomas Cocquerel), and Theo are on an electrified subway train car with them (Carlito Olivero).

Theo doesn’t make it through this initial game, but the remainder of them go into a financial institution room full of lasers, which they all make it through, and then they go to a beach to rest – not. It’s covered in quicksand, and Nathan and Ben both die in that room.

Zoey helps to keep seeing references to someone named Sonya in these rooms, but there’s also a room where acid rain is falling on a city (naturally). Just when they think they’ve completed the task, Rachel and Brianna are died by the acid rain, and Zoey falls into a child’s bedroom.

It turns out that the games are based on a day trip that Sonya took with her mom, who ultimately turned out to be Amanda in the initial movie (played by Deborah Ann Woll). She didn’t really die when she fell, and Minos made her make such new escape rooms because they had taken Sonya.

Based on how Escape Room: Tournament of Champions ended, we have a good idea of where Escape Room 3 might go. In the action movie’s final scene, Zoey and Ben are on a plane going home, thinking they have finally stopped Minos. Not so, as their plane crashes and they have to try to live again.

A new Escape Room movie is likely to be just as similar as previous installments and have a lot of tricky puzzles for Zoey, Ben, and others to solve. We could also learn more about Minos, like how the group kept from being found out or completely controlled.

The way Escape Room: Tournament of Champions ended, with a cliffhanger, gives us a good idea of how Escape Room 3 might go. In the end of the adventure movie, Zoey and Ben are on a flight home, thinking they’ve finally stopped Minos for good. Not so much, as one‘s plane is falling and they have to figure out how to stay alive.

Like the other Escape Room movies, we can expect the next one to be full of creative, hard puzzles for Zoey, Ben, and some other unlucky people. It’s likely that we’ll also find out more about Minos, such as how the company avoided being discovered out or put down for good.

There, you can get answers. What’s the real deal with Minors? Can Ben and Zoey really get away? Let’s find out, shall we? We need a sequel!

Nobody said horror film were fair! So far, that’s all we know about when Escape Room 3 will come out and more. Check out our guides to Evil Dead Rise and Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas for more scary things to do. We also have a list of all the original films that will be out in 2023.

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