everything we know about the new Disney movie with Jude Law

Time to go back to Neverland: between one live-action and another, in fact, Disney has decided to return to focus on the story of Peter Pan, with the boy who did not want to grow up ready to return to theaters around the world in a brand new version in flesh and blood.

But what do we know about this new Disney live-action? Let’s start with the cast: in recent months it was announced that Jude Law will face Captain Hook, while Yara Shahidi will play an unprecedented version of Tinker Bell, Alexander Molony will be Peter and Ever Gabo J. Anderson Wendy. Alongside them we will find actors and actresses such as Jim Gaffigan, Molly Parker and Alyssa Wapanatahk.

As for the story, however, this should be somewhat more true to Barrie’s book (starting from the title, which takes up one of the versions of the original one of the British writer’s work): this does not mean, however, that there will be no more or less obvious references to the animated film dated 1953.

Filming of Peter Pan and Wendy, meanwhile, have already started: we just have to be patient while waiting for further news. To pass the time, however, here are the first photos of Jude Law as Captain Hook.

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