Excited Gigi Hadid shows the first photos of her pregnancy

The model Gigi Hadid looked radiant in the Photographs that he shared on his Instagram account where he shows the first images of his pregnancy.

Also, the coveted model, Gigi, hush up the rumors that have recently signaled her about her first pregnancy.

Hadid She let her "baby bump" appear in photographs that highlight the best of her, her baby begins to grow and the model shared the great moment on her social networks.

The American showed the photographs a little before the little being arrived in the world, in them you can see how much his life has grown baby, which is a few weeks away from reaching the world.

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The snapshots were the result of a collaboration between the model, Gigi hadid and photographers Luigi and Iango who showed the model a series of ethereal looks in black and white.

Recently, the designer for Tommy Hilfiger would have received strong criticism for keeping her pregnancy discreet.

Of course, the photos caused immediate reactions, adding more than 50 million followers.

The model shared the tender photos with an emotional message that reads: "Growing up an angel."

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Contrary to what many have thought, Gigi She is enjoying her motherhood to the fullest for the first time:

Valuing this time. Appreciating all the love and good wishes, wrote the beautiful model

The daughter of the star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Foster and the promoter Mohamed Hadid, was put in the hands of the stylist Gabriela Kareja Johnson, who contributed to the image that will reflect all the maternal essence.

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The outfit of the 25-year-old future mother consisted of an asymmetrical cut minidress, bell sleeves, high neck and flowing fabric, as for her hair, she wore loose and natural hair that made her stand out her perfect face thanks to skincare ( with the natural glow of a future mother) with some points of illuminator in the strategic areas.

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It should be remembered that the news of the pregnancy of Hadid Announced during the month of April it was one of the most exciting things of the year.

It was her own mother who first announced it through a radio interview and later the top model herself confirmed it in a conversation for the Jimmy Kimmel show:

Obviously we would have liked to announce it on our own terms, but we are so excited, happy and grateful for everyone's good wishes and support, Gigi commented.

Also, little by little, the model has revealed more details about her future baby.

Although she has not confirmed if it will be a boy or a girl, or about the possible names, she seems to have given clues and everything seems to indicate that she could give birth to a boy.

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Although on the other hand, many of his followers would be waiting for him to give birth to a girl after some images of her birthday show giant balloons decorated with pink bows. Until now Gigi hadid has not commented anything on the matter.

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Everything seems to indicate that the firstborn or firstborn of the model and the father of her daughter, Zyan Malik, would be waiting for him for the month of September.

It is expected that the baby of Gigi hadid born during the month of September. Yes, the news is closer than ever and once it is released, it will be as exciting as every little detail that the top model has revealed about her motherhood.

On the other hand, future parents, Hadid and Malyk, who would have had a crisis in their relationship that led them to break up in 2019, seem to have met again.

It was in the first months of this year that the couple again caused a stir after being seen in New York.

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Currently, it has emerged that the couple has spent the confinement period together in the sweet waiting for their first baby.

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