Exclusive images of the last scenes of "La Casa de Papel" are filtered


Internet users who are fanatical of the successful Spanish Netflix series, "La Casa de Papel", since the end of the fourth season have been most uneasy to know how the story will end, even without having confirmed the fifth season, they were already speculating the following events and so on.

Although, when the official notice of the recording of the fifth season of the action and robbery story, but, with the news that this fifth installment would be the last, the fans lost their minds and have been as anxious as possible, waiting for it.

Therefore, the fifth season of "La Casa de Papel" will be one of the biggest premieres of Netflix for the next one 2021The famous and more than successful Spanish series will come to an end after breaking all records since its premiere in 2017.

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Although there are still a few months to go before we can show the new episodes, the filming of the season is nearing its end, and some images of the last scenes have already been leaked, which, if you consider yourself a fan of the Spanish series, surely You will not want to miss them as it is a great piece of entertainment.


Fortunately, the production led by Alex Pina can conclude the recording before major impediments caused by the global health contingency, it is worth remembering the filming of it, began at the end of last July and everything seems to indicate that until today it was able run smoothly in Denmark, Portugal and Spain.

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Also, it is important to mention that, precisely the last part of the series moved to Madrid to end the successful saga, it is here where all the fuss began, and, is that, in the last hours, an important and renowned Spanish entertainment agency, leaked spectacular photos of the culminating scenes at the Bank of Spain.

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When the actors climbed to the roof of the building, they were captured by the cameras, and it was precisely there that a large part of the cast could be seen, among which was the iconic Úrsula Corberó with her unmistakable red jumpsuit, and as expected, doing the perfect outfit with his unmistakable Dalí mask, it is worth mentioning that he looks very happy.

The sequences were actually recorded at the Nuevos Ministerios Station in the city of Madrid, the Spanish capital, whose surrounding areas were full of extras who simulated a demonstration, in the same way, using their respective red overalls, masks, banners and everything that is needed to support the movement of the famous and recognized robbers.

In the same way, it was possible to observe how, between scene and scene, and in the necessary breaks, the actors used their respective masks to avoid infecting themselves and close people, as well as, implementing all possible security measures, to combat the terrible disease that plagues the entire globe today.

In this way, the filming slowly reaches its long-awaited (and at the same time not) end, this begins the countdown to wait for the long-awaited premiere, and, as a reminder, we can comment that the last 10 chapters are expected for the last weeks of the next year 2021 or the first months of the year 2022.

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