Extended synopsis and new images of Titans 2 × 06: Conner


While we wait for this Friday to resolve the shocking final of the last episode of "Titans", which we have already commented in our traditional analysis, we echo an extended synopsis for the chapter that we will see this week and that will put the spotlight on Superboy.

The episode, titled "Conner", has been directed by Alex Kalymnios and written by Richard Hatem and will feature guest star Peter MacNeill as Lionel Luthor, the father of the villain Lex Luthor. Conner Kent will be played by Joshua Orpin.

In addition, we received three new images where we can see Superboy and Krypto in CADMUS laboratories, who appear to be Dr. Eve Watson on his back and Lionel Luthor.

Conner Kent has escaped from Cadmus labs and has emerged in the real world for the first time as someone free. With Krypto by his side, Conner's search to find out the truth of his past takes him to Lionel Luthor, Lex Luthor's father, and Cadmus geneticist Eve Watson (guest star Genevieve Angelson). Eve informs Conner of his true origin and sends him on a journey of self-discovery, examining his own identity and his inherent impulses. In a moment of doubt, Conner decides to act heroically and is face to face with the Titans.

Image of Titans 2x06: Conner

Image of Titans 2x06: Conner

Image of Titans 2x06: Conner

Image of Titans 2x06: ConnerImage of Titans 2x06: ConnerImage of Titans 2x06: Conner

Image of Titans 2x06: Conner

Via information | DC Universe (via Heroic Hollywood)


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