Extreme Sisters Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Extreme Sisters Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

There was “Extreme Couponing” first. Then “Extreme Cheapskates” came along. Now, “Extreme Sisters” has been brought to us by TLC. This new series explores the lives of five sets of conjoined sisters. Unlike “Abby & Brittany,” such sisters aren’t physically joined at the hip, but rather…spiritually!

In a press release about the show, TLC said, “Some sisters are closer than the others, but these two go all out with their obsession.” And the sisters do come through. One pair uses the bathroom around each other and even has an identical boyfriend, while the other sleeps in the bed as her sister as well as her sister’s husband. Awkward!

TLC is definitely well-known because it has many different kinds of shows. It seems to range from shows about sisters to shows about people who marry more than one person. Because of this, the system is back with the second season of the hit show Extreme Sisters. Fans have seen and loved season 1.

If you thought the first half of the series had a lot of drama and controversy, you should be ready for the unforeseen because the series is coming back with a 2.0 version. Recently, TLC told us all about the show, including when it will start and additional information about the cast. Keep reading, because we have everything you could want to know.

If you thought it was weird that you and your sister shared a hairbrush, wait until you see one or two episodes of “Extreme Sisters” on TLC. The first season of the show, which aired from April to June, looked at the lives of 5 sets of sisters who were connected in very strange ways. From having the same boyfriend to nursing each other’s babies, these sisters are almost too close to be comfortable with.

In a press release, Howard Lee, president of TLC Streaming as well as Network Originals, said, “Most people want to have a close-knit family, and at TLC, we love to explore all kinds of relationships.” “In ‘Extreme Sisters,’ we’ll meet groups of sisters who can’t live without each other. Their bonds seem to be raw, honest, and maybe a little bit unusual. Their relationship as siblings changes what it means to be a sister.”

To the fullest! TLC has a history of putting some of the most interesting and unique people on TV, and the current season of Extreme Sisters looks like it will have some jaw-dropping moments as well as juicy drama.

Extreme Sisters Season 2 Release Date

Extreme Sisters season 2 starts on TLC on Jan 23, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Discovery+ lets you stream the season that came before.

Extreme Sisters Season 2 Cast

Fans will see alike familiar as well as new faces in the second season of Extreme Sisters. Anna and Lucy, who are twins, and Christina and Jessica, who are also twins, are both backs. Ashley and Vee, who are stepsisters, Jordan and Randi, who are twins, and Hannah, Katherine, and Nadia, who are identical triplets, are among the new cast members.

Extreme Sisters Season 2 Trailer

Extreme Sisters Season 2 Plot 

Extreme Sisters debuted on TLC for the first time in 2021. The show’s description says that it’s about sisters who go “to the extreme” with their strong bonds with each other. The description goes on to say, “Their love for each other is crazy, and they won’t change anything about how they live their lives, no matter how weird it is.”

The Extreme Sisters seems to be a display of two sisters who can’t live without each other. It seems that sometimes the way they are with one another makes people uncomfortable. But they don’t care what other people think as well as live their lives without being sorry. Even the first trailer for the show showed how crazy it was.

It seems that the siblings will take a bath together and lick each other’s teeth as they plan to serve as surrogates. Not only that, but the trailer also makes it look like there will be a home birth on the show. But you might be wondering, “Who are these kids?” Don’t worry, we have your back.

In the first period of “Extreme Sisters,” Anna and Lucy’s boyfriend, Ben, finally gave them a promise ring. Meaww says that the couple can’t get married because of Australia’s marriage laws. For now, a promise ring must be used. Christina and Jessica were very close to each other, but their relationship became strained when Christina decided to start dating other people besides Jessica.

As you may have guessed, Jessica was not happy with this choice. Patrick and Patrica have a setback when Patrix says she is ready to begin a brand-new life with her fiancé in a whole new state. Once Baylee’s boyfriend asks a woman to move to another state with him, Brooke and Baylee face the same problem.

At the end of Season 1 of “Extreme Sisters,” Anna, as well as Lucy DeCinque, finally got their engagement rings from Ben, who is also their boyfriend. Australian law says that twins can’t obtain married to a single man at the same moment, so those who wanted him to make some kind of promise to them.

The twins briefly thought about getting pregnant at the same time by him, but when that didn’t work out, Ben decided to step in and gave them two identical rings and told them he loved them to reassure them that he was dedicated to them and their relationship. So, if there is a second season of “Extreme Sisters,” it will be intriguing to see how the couple is doing.

Christina and Jessica are another collections of twins who are having problems with their relationships. Christina wants to end the way that she and her sister depend on each other, but Jessica is finding it hard to accept that her sister has changed. At the end of the season, Christina stuck to her decision to date other people and not put her connection with Jessica above all others.

Like Christina and Jessica, Patrice and Patrix are trying to find a balance between their relationships and being sisters. While Patrick is eager to relocate to Texas with her fiance to start a new life, Patrice is worried about how one‘s sisterhood would then stay alive in the distance and starts making plans to stay close.

Brittany and Briana seem to be happy with their fourth marriage and being parents for the fourth time. Sisters Brooke, as well as Baylee, have had to make a big choice that could affect their relationship with each other. Baylee’s boyfriend wants her to move in with him in particular instance he has to leave her state for his job. Baylee is hesitant to make the above big decision because she has never been aside from her big sister Beth.

Denver, Brooke’s husband, doesn’t like it when his sister-in-law is always getting in the middle of his marriage. So, whenever the latest “Extreme Sisters” season comes out, there will be a significant amount of drama to look out for.

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