Face it !, Vicente Fernández talks about famous photography

"Long hand", "stalker" were just some of the many negative words that beloved singer Don Vicente Fernández received after some images in which he touched a young woman improperly went viral. For this reason, Charro de Huentitán It has returned to the public eye and faces the signs of photography.

Vicente Fernández gave an interview to his ex-daughter-in-law Mara Patricia Castañeda, in which they decided to talk about the issue that has caused a huge stir on social networks in recent days. The singer was very calm and apologized to the media for how the situation has been interpreted.

The father of Alejandro Fernandez He addressed the issue and pointed out that at no time was it his intention to go overboard with the young woman and that if that was the intention, it would not be done in front of the cameras or in such a public situation; to say of himself, he would have taken her to the stables.

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The interpreter of Nonetheless He stressed that there were many people who visited his ranch and that they went up and down quickly, so he does not even remember the moment when that happened or if he and the girl were joking.

Vicente Fernandez He pointed out that he had placed his hand on the young woman's abdomen and that it seemed inappropriate and decided to move her; however, the photograph was captured at the awkward moment.

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The beloved Mexican singer, one of the most beloved in the country, has apologized to the girl for the situation and emphasizes that what happened was without morbidity. Mara Patricia Castañeda questioned him if he considers that the statements of this young woman and two other women are for monetary purposes.

The singer pointed out that he hopes it is not like that, that it was not morbid; However, if they brought a lawsuit against him, the singer would correspond in the same way with professionals.

The interpreter assures that he got quite nervous to see so many people and that he really did not notice every detail of what was happening. The journalist related that she herself saw that women asked her to sit on her lap for photographs.

The artist shared in the interview that he had his ranch open to the public and he always sang up to 12 songs to visitors; in addition to giving them the space to photograph themselves with him. Vicente Fernandez He stressed that he stopped allowing them to enter after he saw that the large number of visitors could put their integrity at risk.

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Fernández pointed out that he feels uncomfortable with the situation because he never gossiped and so on. He said that he has not been a saint; however, he knows how to respect and would never do something similar.

They shared that in palenques and other shows the fans even asked him to photograph themselves kissing him and others, but he at all times with respect and that he even raised his hands so that they would notice that he was not doing something improper.

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The famous Mexican stressed that it was a malicious person who started with the note; however, he has always received it at his home, even without an appointment. Don Vicente Fernández shared that if he saw him, he could not stop to complain about the bad intentions in his notes.


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