Facebook, learn to create your own avatar in the application

The social network created by Mark Zuckerberg is trending the users It has a new function that has everyone on Facebook.

Although you already have some days in "circulation" Until recently it started to be a trend among Internet users because it is quite entertaining to create your own character.

With this new function you can create your own avatar, this is a digital version of yours, it should be noted that you must have updated your application otherwise it will not allow you to advance.

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So you can create your #FacebookAvatar to have #emojis in your image and likeness. The #avatars of #Facebook have long been expanding throughout the world. A system of #stickers that, as in the case of #Bitmoji on Snapchat or #Animojis on #Apple, allow you to create a character in your image and likeness. To create your own Facebook Avatar, which you can use for Facebook and #FacebookMessenger as any sticker pack and even as photos to share, you only have to update your Facebook mobile application to the latest version and follow the steps indicated below:. . We will access the Facebook mobile application, it does not matter if it is Android or iOS, and we will click on the menu button (icon with the three parallel horizontal lines located in the upper right). . We scroll down, click on See more and then on Avatars. . . Once here, we will follow the process to create our Facebook avatar choosing between skin tone, face shape, features, complexion, hairstyle, facial hair or clothing. . . When we have our completely personalized character, we will only have to finish the process and it will have created created. From this moment, we can use our Facebook Avatar to put it as a profile picture, share an image of it or use it as a sticker in comments or messages, for example, through a lot of designs that we will find in the corresponding menu. Source: . . . . . . . We are Taking Control Advertising. Creative ideas and original solutions. #RedesSociales #Publicidad #Mercadeo #SocialMedia #marketing #branding #marketingdigital #mensaje #pensamiento #designer #picofday #emprendedores # DiseñoGrafico #posicionamiento #Marca #ad #creatividad #creative #marketing #conercial #advertising #anuncio # creative #creatividad.

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Although several users are not surprised by the new modality that the application offers you, it is very similar to Bitmoji offered by iOS, the Facebook catalog is a little broader and equally entertaining.

Although it is very easy to create your own digital homunculus the option to do it is not at a glance so you will have to give some how many clicks.

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To be able to do it from your cell phone as already mentioned you will have to have your Facebook, there is only one option to activate it:

  1. Open the Menu are the 3 horizontal lines at the top (next to notifications).
  2. Display the option "See more" and select the word that says "Avatars", next and continue.
  3. Now you can create your own avatar, select the characteristics you want, skin tone, hair, eyes, etc.
  4. There is another option called mirror, to remind you how you look this opens your front camera.
  5. Once your design is finished, touch the check mark in the upper right corner.
  6. To end touch next and voila.

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You can use your avatar in your profile picture and also in your comments in an animated way like a gifIt is really a very entertaining option, have fun using it.

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