Faces justice in Miami, will there be jail for Frida Sofía?

The daughter of "La Guzmán" Frida Sofía, once again it is placed in the middle of the controversy, because it will face a trial in the criminal court of Miami for the charge of violence against a woman.

Frida sofia has remained in the eye of the hurricane since the conflicts that became known with his mother, the singer Alejandra GuzmanHowever, this time it returns to everyone's lips after facing legal problems.

The 28-year-old girl could step on the American jail, this because of a lawsuit she faces in the criminal court of Miami Florida, because a woman accuses her of assault for an altercation that they had last June in the residential complex where both are residents.

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That's right, Frida was singled out for an altercation she starred in in an apartment in the condominium where she lives, which took place exactly on June 29, for which she will be forced to render accounts against justice.

And, according to the information presented by the evening entertainment program: “Ventaneando”, the hearing of the controversial Frida Sofía will be next September 10, when the young woman appears before the judge to try to reach a resolution and thus avoid a formal trial.

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According to the information collected, Frida allegedly physically attacked a woman named Andrea Wilson, and although the reason for the emphasized lawsuit is unknown, she claims that she was beaten by the famous woman, for which she proceeded legally against her.

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The aggression gave rise to several citations that Frida has been receiving in recent days, so the young woman will have to attend a hearing on September 10 to try to reach an agreement, a resolution, or whatever is within the possibilities and thus be able to avoid the judgment.

Although we are not on anyone's side, it is well known that Frida is an angry woman, who has always been highlighted by her lawsuits or highly controversial issues, such was the case last year that the great lawsuit that has always been revealed he has maintained with his mother, the singer Alejandra Guzmán.

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Frida Sofía said that all the disagreement was generated since she decided to have an abortion and as a result of that the problems between mother and daughter began, so during an interview with Pati Chapoy, she said that it all started when they decided to spend the new year with their mother, Christian, her then partner, came with her.

During dinner, he said, Alejandra began to say really unpleasant things so she decided to leave with her boyfriend, who got angry and stopped talking to her for a few days. Suddenly they began to see him in the same hotels as Alejandra, they were very close together.

It was in those days when Frida Sofía took a positive pregnancy test, so she requested the presence of her partner, Cristian, however, she decided to party instead of supporting her, and the singer also assured that they only got pregnant because then he would have part of his money forever.

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And it was at that moment that Frida decided to have an abortion and asked her mother to stop getting together with Cristian, which she did not do and after the lack of support she decided to break any relationship with the singer and at all seems to indicate that, so far not they speak.

Frida Sofía did not want to be a single mother, in addition to the fact that she believed she was very unprepared to face the challenge that was to come and did not want to leave her little one without a father.

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