Faces of Death, Legendary will re-imagine the cult horror of 1978

Legendary Pictures recently acquired the exploitation rights of Faces of Death, 1978 cult horror directed by John Alan Schwartz that the company behind the MonsterVerse and Pacific Rim wants hours to re-imagine for modern times and today’s society, at least hearing from sources close to the project.

To report the news is The Wrap, which also reveals that the director Isa Mazzei will write the script for the film, which will instead be directed by Daniel Goldhaber. The two authors previously collaborated together in 2018 on the acclaimed thriller Cam. There will be production Don Murphy e Susan Montford di Angry Films.

Leveraging the early material from the 1978 film, Mazzei and Goldhaber will make a film eager to bring the atavistic and shocking fear of the original Faces of Death videos in the digital age, tapping into the spirit of the online age in a terrifying and unique way. The original title was in fact a first cinematic example of the revival of viral videos staged with imagination, even if the people began to take them seriously as real.

According to theHollywood Reporter, who first reported the news, the new storyline is expected to revolve around a moderator of a website similar to Youtube, whose job is to eliminate offensive or violent content. The woman is recovering from severe trauma and around this time runs into an online group that is faithfully reproducing the murders by recreating them from the original film.


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