Famous People Who Are Known For Playing Blackjack

Have you ever thought of playing with your favorite celebrity on the same Blackjack table? Well, many of us have. And if you’re wondering if there are indeed famous people who play Blackjack. Yes, there are. As a matter of fact, there are so many of them.

While some have been spotted at land-based tables, others play at online blackjack casinos to the land-based ones. But whether online or offline, the game remains the same.

Without further ado, we’ll go to the main aim of this article. Here are some famous people who are known to be lovers of Blackjack.

Salman Khan

He is one of the most successful actors in the Bollywood movie industry. He is known for more actions in most of the movies he has featured in as the lead actor and that is probably why he has been able to gain for himself the nickname; ‘India’s James Bond’.

This good-looking actor is known to be a smooth talker and a deep thinker, so it would not be surprising to find him playing blackjack most of the time. As you can imagine already, he plays the game smoothly too. And most of the time, he’s known for his smooth wins and huge profits.

Ranveer Singh

He is one of the youngest Indian movie stars. Ranveer Singh had studied in one of the American Universities and when he was through, he went back to India and joined the movie industry and was doing well.

Ranveer Singh has a very charming personality and he is a smooth talker, he loves the game of blackjack, knows the rules, plays his cards well, and wins thousands of dollars for himself most of the time.

Matt Damon

Because of the Film Rounders movie that he and his best friend Ben Affleck starred in, it was said that his quest for knowing more about the world of gambling might have been what had made him more interested in the Casino games especially Blackjack.

And so far, Matt Damon has been seen winning big in this game of cards.

Ben Affleck

This movie star has always attracted attention to the way he plays the Poker game. In fact, he had won the 2004 Poker Championship.

With this kind of achievement, it is not surprising that he loves the blackjack game. He has been seen in the biggest Casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic with his best friend, Matt Damon playing the blackjack.

It was even gathered that they’ve won close to a million-dollar at one of the casinos in just one night.

Tiger Woods

He was doing well as a golf ball player until scandal brought him down in his career. Since he could not play golf ball any longer, he directed his prowess towards the blackjack Casino game.

Tiger Woods was usually seen at the Bellagio and MFM Resort demanding VIP treatment and playing his cards well to win big rewards.

He once said he had won so much money just one night that he had to call for help to carry the money out of the casino.

Prince Harry

The Prince is full of plots and always dramatic. He definitely loves attention because one thing he knows to do best is to plan a plot, play it out and get the attention of the press.

He is known for his in-appropriate dressing to high-class parties, for example, dressing like a hit-man to a ball. How hilarious!

He has been seen quite a number of times at the blackjack table. But the most interesting one was when he had played this game of the smart minds when he was drunk. It was reported that he had lost thousands of dollars just in one night, and though that definitely had no effect on his ocean of wealth, it was another circumstance that got him on the first page of the newspaper.

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