Famous stylist claims that Shakira and Paulina Rubio are stingy

Well they say that those who have the most money are the people who least like to spend it, and most of the time they try to get discounts on their purchases, and apparently, this is what happened to Gilberto Febles, with Shakira and Paulina Rubio.

Oddly enough, everything seems to indicate that the singers Paulina Rubio and Shakira had a hard time paying to keep their long and wavy hair flawless and beautiful, in the words of the famous hollywood stylist, Gilberto Febles, revealed details of the disagreement he had in his time with both famous women, when they asked him for a discount for his work on the grounds that others charged much less.

The specialist in hair extensions told in an interview with the renowned Mexican show program "Selling", his experience working with the beloved Shaki and "The Golden Girl".

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It turns out that, on one occasion, the Colombian singer requested the splendid services capillaries of the renowned Hollywood stylist, and at the end of it, Shakira refused to pay the amount that he was charging for his fabulous work being one of the greats of entertainment.

"Neither Shakira nor her dad wanted to pay, she put together a show, they wanted to pay $ 500, they said that they charged MTV for combing her hair, but I used extensions, in addition to combing for that reason, I charged more," said Febles, who was not there, nor is he willing to give away his work.

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It is worth mentioning that this bad experience With the sincere hips interpreter, it was approximately 15 years ago, when the singer enjoyed the full effervescence of her musical career, and in the same way, when she remembered the fact, Febles also assured that, Shakira, did not like to tip.

On the other hand, in relation to Paulina Rubio, recognized as "The Golden Girl", the expert in style changes, mentioned that on one occasion Paulina's mother requested his service in an emergency due to a bad job that had been done to her. Previous singer, who was desperate and urged him to fix her golden hair.


First, she tried to convince them to take her to his salon, since he works there, but Rubio's hair was in such bad condition that they preferred that he attend their house, and finally he agreed.

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"When I got to her house, I saw that they had done a mess in her hair, hair that she had paid cheaply, and I offered her a good job for 1,600 dollars, for more hair, but she refused to pay" Febles recounted, stating that it was a huge amount of money for a hair job.

In the same way, Gilberto explained that the maximum they offered was 400 dollars and they did not want to spend more, "That is why it is the problem that he has, I told him, if he wants to continue paying that amount, continue with the one he is and I left." Narrated the famous hairdresser, referring to the fact that, for paying little, they will not do a job like the one you are looking for, of the best quality.

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It is worth mentioning that Gilberto Febles is recognized in the Mexican and American territory for placing the best natural hair extensions, as well as, combing them and giving them a fabulous treatment to make them look like real hair.

In the same way it does it with the placement of all kinds of wigs and toupees, for clients who have growth problems, or have suffered from a disease that has left them without hair.


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