Fan-favorite bodysuit, Celia Lora models in front of the mirror


The young Mexican model and host, Celia Lora, has stood out thanks to her excellent content published on social networks as well as her participation in various programs with MTV and for her official YouTube channel.

However, one of the most liked photos by fans of recent times has been one in which she appears posing with a black body in front of the mirror and looking spectacular.

Although it is not a new photograph, if it is one of the ones that has caused its fans the most to react to it, who consider it to be a scene of the most attractive and that they would rather be able to observe her in this way at least once in her life and not just be consuming her entertainment.

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In the photograph we can see Celia Lora in what seems to be the luxurious bathroom of a hotel, where she felt very pretty and looked at herself in front of the mirror to take these incredible photos, 1 in which both her reflection and herself appear. the second in which she only appears illuminated by the sunlight that came through the window.

The publication achieved more than 120 thousand likes quickly and left many users wanting to comment on something because, as we have known for several months that it has its comment box closed, it seeks to prevent its profile from becoming a sideboard of unpleasant proposals something In what has become her personal mailbox, because there her fans ask her and propose many things that have caused displeasure on the part of the actress.

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However, the daughter of Alex Lora del Tri, has remained positive and fun laughing at everything they send her, so it has gone from bothering her to do a whole topic with which she makes jokes, she even launched a video reacting to those messages together to one of her friends.

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To this day Celia Lora keeps promoting various businesses on her Instagram stories so if you go there you will see that she receives gifts from many food and clothing companies so she always has something new to wear or something new to enjoy on your palate.

Since the series appeared on MTV's Acapulco Shore in which she did a lot of crazy things and we can see her as the boss of the members of When did it begin? It is incredible attention that counts and that has not stopped has even grown more and more because the girl has many followers on social networks who are aware of everything that goes up to support it.

Celia Lora is also participating in another project called Barak in which you will be participating together with Lizbeth Rodríguez and other youtubers to make a “Paranormal Reality show” or at least that is what is being sought in this month of October that is focusing a lot on Halloween and a very different one, normally everyone went out to party or to ask for sweets this time they will end up staying at home, or at least that is expected.

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The famous woman launches content for her YouTube channel almost every week, where she uploads some videos that come to her, trying to do it as often as possible, so we recommend you be on the lookout as we will bring it to you here in Show News.

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