Farewell! Laura G left the program due to strong physical contact

It is not the first time Laura G She is involved in a scandal, despite how adorable she becomes, she is affected by some actions she has done in the past, such as the fact that she has fucked a partner, which is why she was immediately fired from the program.

Maria Sonia Laura González Martínez is the full name of the television host and entertainment reporter who is better known as Laura G, she was born on June 28, 1985.

Laura G She began her career in 2002 formally when she was, although it is said that she has been a host since she was 13 years old, she started working in a children's program, she also became a host of two more programs but they were not so recognized, no it was until 2008 that he started with the Televisa company.

It was in the Hoy program where she began as a show reporter, being these her beginnings it was something quite fruitful for the 23-year-old at that time, a year later she became a national celebrity by being the head of shows on the Primero Noticias newscast, in addition to being a co-host on the Sabadazo program alongside Cecilia Galliano and Omar Chaparro.

However, the pleasure of working on Primero Noticia did not last as long as the host would have liked, because she apparently had to be fired from the program surprisingly.

One of the companions that Laura G had on the newscast was Martha Guzmán, who at that time gave the news about the weather, is a renowned Mexican communication scientist who developed her career on Televisa, mostly in the now-defunct program Primer Noticias, where she collaborated with the side of Laura G.

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Today Martha Guzmán is the host of the program "¡Qué Chulada!" She is a person very loved by her colleagues, something that has been seen throughout her career, however there was a certain conflict that until now is said not to be has finished clarifying completely.

It was 3 years that apparently Laura G was one of Martha Guzmán's companions in the news, in a video that was shared on YouTube you can see how Laura G with her right hand touches Martha's head who immediately makes a wince.

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The video begins with several colleagues hugging Martha, at that moment Laura G enters and also gives her a hug but you can see her hand behind her head, some users commented on the video a few years ago, (the event occurred in 2011), differ from Martha Guzmán who apparently later affirmed according to the NOTIGRAM portal that she felt a "head butt" from her partner.

Martha doesn't even realize that Laura hugged her, so the goIpe isn't fake. Furthermore, you can see the fury when Laura says: "the weather doesn't matter", which is the section that Martha covered, "wrote Eduardo Leija, an Internet user.

Despite the fact that for some it was not something so serious, they ended up firing Laura GPerhaps at that time this type of "goIpes" or "sapes" as it is commonly known in Mexico, were not accepted in those years so the newscast decided to dispense with their services.

Over the years Laura G managed to realize an enriching career on television and become a character in social networks and in the other programs in which she has participated since then, perhaps she remembers this episode as something unprecedented.

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