Fast & Furious, a “surreal” prediction from Paul Walker has come true

Interviewed by Entertainment Weekly after the recent arrival of the official trailer for Fast & Furious 9, Vin Diesel told an anecdote dating back to the promotion of the first chapter of the action saga, released in theaters in 2001, and how Paul Walker predicted its great success.

The two actors were in Mexico to advertise the film at MTV Spring Break, and on their way home, Walker, who at the time was already famous for his appearances in Pleasantville, Kiss Me, Varsity Blues, spoke words that Diesel still remembers fondly today.

“I’ll never forget it, we were sitting: we were sitting on the airport floor, our bags at our sides, our legs stretched out and thousands of people walking by” said Diesel. “He had appeared in some movies before, so he already had an idea of ​​what was going to happen. He said to me, ‘Vin, look at all this. Look at all these people walking next to us.’ I asked him why and he replied: ‘Because when this movie comes out, our anonymity won’t exist anymore.’ It was really surreal that he already knew. “

We remind you that Fast & Furious 9 will debut in Italian cinemas in July 2021. Meanwhile, Vin Diesel said the new film will make even more sense to the first Fast & Furious.

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