Fateful illness takes life from Robert Redford's son

It was through an advertisement by Cindy Berger, publicist for the Hollywood actor, Robert Redford, who made known the sad news that today surrounds the famous actor and his family before the loss of his son James Redford at 58 years of age. revealed the recent statement released on Monday.

She was the wife of the filmmaker James Redford, Kyle who confirmed the news in an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune where he revealed that his spouse would have lost his life last Friday due to liver cancer he suffered.

She also explained that her husband's liver disease would have surprised him again two years ago, when the presence of this disease was discovered while waiting for a liver transplant.

Through a Twitter, Kyle shared with his followers the unfortunate moment that the family is going through at this time.

We are heartbroken, his wife wrote of her husband, whose name was Jamie. He lived a beautiful and shocking life and was loved by many. He will be deeply missed. As his wife of 32 (years), I am so grateful for the two spectacular children we raised together. I don't know what we would have done (without) them for the last 2 (years).

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Along with a group of images and photos that include her and James, Kyle recalls the best moments with her husband as well as the family they both formed.

He dealt with cancer for over 30 years

Apparently, James fought a tough battle for more than 30 years against the liver disease that afflicted him, still he continued his life, he met Kyle, they married and had two children.

He even had a chance at life after receiving a liver transplant for which he made an HBO documentary where he expressed his gratitude to everyone "The Kindness of Strangers" released in 1999. The film raised $ 600,000 which went to foundations, corporations and individuals, including their parents.

The experience made me realize how lucky I was, Redford reflected. Think about the fact that 10 to 12 people die each day waiting to be transplanted. It had an impact on me and I made a commitment to do something to help the cause of organ donation, "James said at the time.

The condition that James went through most of his life set the tone for him, together with his famous father, the movie actor Robert Redford like "Two Men and One Destiny", "Out of Africa", to name a few, they co-founded the Redford Center, a non-profit organization.

The institute created in 1995, with the purpose of raising awareness about transplants as well as the shortage of organ donors along with supporting fundraising to help these causes.

The Redford Center executive herself, Jill Tidman, said that "Jamie was contagious with love and joy and that he always did everything with kindness and warmth."

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Likewise, James tried to inspire through films such as "Flow" which was addressed to an adolescent audience for educational purposes in which he tried to offer a vision of the people waiting for an organ transplant at the University Hospital of the Health System of Nebraska.

The best way to reach people is on a personal level, "Redford said." There are so many movies to make, James himself noted.

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At the time of his departure, his wife revealed that she had just finished preparing a documentary called "Where the Past Begins" that addressed the story of "The Joy Luck Club" author Amy Tan for PBS's "American Masters."

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