February cover, Dua Lipa posed for Vogue, blonde and short

2021 began a few days ago, and the most important fashion magazines have already presented their new covers with faces that are super recognized in the world of international entertainment, such as the beautiful singer, Dua Lipa, this was the case of the famous Vogue magazine.

It turns out that the famous "bible of fashion" to start 2021 summoned the singer Dua Lipa in its British edition to be the face of it, for the edition of February month, and the images have given much to talk about to the users of the network.

After Dua Lipa caused a stir for a few Photographs In which she appears celebrating New Year's Eve on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico, today again she surprised her followers by sharing the news that she is on the cover of the British version of the famous Vogue magazine, and not only that, but that the singer He did it sporting a radical makeover.

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And it is that, Lipa appears in the images of the February issue of the magazine with very short blonde hair, so her followers compared her with various famous characters from series or movies, even with the same Marilyn Monroe.

Although, after the publication, it was the same singer who confirmed that she did not make the final look change, it is actually a wig and that this look was only used to make the photoshoot of the printed entertainment.

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This would be the second time that Dua Lipa stars on the cover for the British edition of the aforementioned magazine, although this occasion had more impact than the first, as it surprised the most, when viewers believed that it was a real change of look.

She debuted with a new look with short blonde hair and generated a wide conversation among users of social networks, because while some defended the singer by ensuring that she looks spectacular in any style, others said they still prefer dark and long hair than her. has characterized, the fans always want to give their opinion before the changes of the artists.

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Although, for better or for worse, Dua Lipa's new hair look managed to make her the center of attention again, generating great impact with the new images belonging to the photo session for the magazine, coupled with the great bearing and elegance that the singer shows posing.

The beautiful British woman was seen wearing pastel orange high-waisted pants, that is, at the height of her waist, this garment looked very tight to the body, and the detail that fell in love with thousands was that she posed with nothing on top more than a top the same color that she covers herself when crossing her arms, however, the optical illusion of not wearing anything was created.

Likewise, with her hair that has caused controversy, she wore it curly in a hairstyle very much in the style of the 1950s, for this reason, some users mention that those who dressed and styled her were inspired by the beauty of Marilyn Monroe.

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For the photos, Dua Lipa posed reclining on a green sofa, which is part of the room that makes up the set where the images that have caused such a stir on the different social networks were taken, more in the case of Instagram.

In addition, a small preview of the interview that will be inside the fashion magazine was leaked, “I'm happy. I deserve to be happy. I should be able to write about it without the fear of feeling like I'm compromising my authenticity because I'm not crying for something or someone, ”says Dua Lipa, also talking about fame, love and having her best year so far.


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