Fergie wasn't the first Black Eyed Peas vocalist

The group Black Eyed Peas began their career in 1995, at that time they had another main vocalist Kim Hill, however some claim that Fergie took away his job.

Since they released their song "Where is the love" in 2009 it was the single that made them begin to grow as a group, however perhaps few knew that Fergie had only recently joined the group.

Actually Fergie He stopped being part of the group and now has a solo career, however it should be noted that when he was part of the group became successful along with his peers and the group.

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Known worldwide thanks to the change in strategy carried out by the group managers and is that with Kim hill perhaps they would not be able to achieve it, since he affirms that those who were leading the group at that time wanted them to be on a par with the others successful groups.

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The goal was for Kim Hill to become the eye-catching and s3xy image of the group, this did not seem to her and had to resign.

Fergie came in shortly after, fortunately she liked to show off her figure and have that image that managers were looking for, something that for the group perfectly matched because they managed to have the popularity they were looking for perhaps for years.

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The New York Times shared a video on their YouTube channel where they tell the story of Kim Hill, the video was shared a few months ago and is titled "I Was in the black eyed peas. Then I Quit. | 'Almost Famous' by Op-Docs ", this has caused great controversy and has liked Internet users very much.

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"In the mid-1990s, singer-songwriter Kim Hill met a young rapper who suggested that they start making music. That rapper's name was, and his group was a group of hip- Los Angeles underground hop called The Black Eyed Peas. The rest is history, isn't it? ", part of the video description.

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