Fiat Chrysler May Partner Renault to Survive the Car Industry

Fiat Chrysler hasn’t taken much advantage of the changes in the automobile world in recent years.

With the exception of the Centoventi model that was designed to celebrate the automaker’s 120 year anniversary, nothing much has been heard from the company.

As per the report, the automaker is considering striking a partnership deal with another automaker, Renault.

The objective is for Renault to help it cope with the changes in the auto industry.

Reports say both sides have been planning to share the same car platforms, a move that may be beneficial for both companies.

If they strike a deal, this may increase Renault’s reach while Fiat may benefit from the technology offered by Renault.

Fiat may also borrow some concepts such as the hybrid and Electric Vehicle platforms and integrate it into its designs.

This will assist the automaker to compete favorably in an industry that is leaning towards electrified cars.

Other benefits Fiat may derive from this partnership include mobility services and autonomous driving.

These are huge benefits that may see the automaker’s reputation soar in the coming years.

Renault, on the other hand, may benefit by promoting its technology through another automaker.

This will make its technology more popular as both Renault and its competitor will give the technology more publicity among their consumers.

Renault has stopped shipping its cars to the United States for long. Its partnership with Fiat may open the door to the US market once again.

Well, that’s a huge benefit for the company for years to come.

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