Damascus. The Aleppo International Airport was opened to passenger aircraft on Wednesday after a long 8-year hiatus in the Syrian capital Damascus. The first aircraft with 120 passengers landed at this airport on Wednesday. The aircraft included the Syrian Minister of Transport and Tourism, several passengers and media personnel. According to the Sputnik website, its use has been started.

Earlier in the day, the director of the airport, Mohammed Al-Masri, said that all departments of the airport were ready. The airport was closed in 2012 due to terrorist attacks. According to the website report, tourism was also affected after the closure of this airport. Passengers were unable to land the aircraft. The airport was badly affected.

In fact, until a few years ago, the rebels had occupied many places on the road leading to this airport, due to which the government had closed this airport for the use of the general public. Due to the occupation of the rebels, it was used only as a military base, now after 8 years it has been started back for travelers.


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Earlier, the rebels occupied many places on the way to this side. The Syrian government's security forces freed all the cities adjoining the northern city of Aleppo from the clutches of the rebels, after which they have now been captured on this route, they are using it for the passengers going to the airport. After this, they have succeeded in securing the route to the international airport. Government security forces and Allied fighters liberated Tariq al-Baad, a city adjacent to Aleppo. After that a new route to the international airport of Aleppo has been secured.

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