Former driver of Hoy, Héctor Sandarti deprived of liberty

The dear actor Héctor Sandarti has touched the hearts of many by sharing the strong experience he had when he was deprived of liberty. The former host of the Hoy Program He noted that he thought he would not get out of this tough situation alive.

Hector Humberto Sánchez Duarte shared in his post Something good to say with Sandarti, the experience that he thought would cost him his life since he had not related it and now he points out that he was deprived of liberty.

The Guatemalan comedian He pointed out that this experience occurred 20 years ago, but that he will never forget it because it was really very hard for him, at that time he was already a famous on television in Mexico.

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Héctor Sandarti He pointed out that he was in a bookstore, about to attend a work commitment when a subject approached him from behind with an artifact; when turning, the singer He saw the situation and pointed out that his reaction was to raise his hands.

I turn around and what I see is the pist ... of this guy underneath the jacket. My reaction was to raise my hands, said Héctor Sandarti at the beginning of his story.

The Guatemalan who gained enormous fame thanks to the program Life TV, next to Galilea Montijo, he explained that, blindfolded and with his hands tied, he was transferred in a vehicle, without knowing where he was going and with the insecurity of thinking that his path had come to an end.

This here ended. They are going to kill me ... It went through my mind 'they are going to throw me down a ravine, said the dear driver.

Héctor Sandarti commented that he felt more relaxed when he reached his destination, where he met a character who treated him quite well and they even ended up talking about his life and his artistic career.

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The 52-year-old famous shared that it was in this situation that he decided to talk to God and that moment gave him the peace he needed to get out of the situation.

I spoke to him and said, 'Sir, here I am and here I am, I am in your hands. I don't know what the purpose of this is, what I know is that this is going to work out. ' In that moment I felt the peace that only God can give you.

The relaxation of his spiritual communication allowed Héctor Sandarti to sleep and when he woke up a key moment arrived, he spoke with the chief. The driver shared that despite his fame he was not financially rich, nor was his family.

The famous man pointed out that after the conversation those responsible indicated that they would release him since "it was not a product for them" and finally, at night, what he had been waiting for so much arrived: his release.

Sandarti pointed out that there was a person so kind to him that he even gave him 100 pesos to hide for his taxi, since it would be other people who would finally free him; He also asked him to relax and not do anything that could prevent him from getting out of that situation.

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The famous man pointed out that they released him at 2:00 am in a not very pleasant and lonely place, he asked God to send him "an angel, someone" to take him out of the place, which was totally unknown to him.

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Héctor Sandarti pointed out that his prayer was received and a family passed by the place in a van, who helped him and helped him dial by phone to rejoin his loved ones.



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