Former host of Hoy in mourning, Silvia Lomelí cries for her father

Former host of the morning broadcast of the program "Hoy" is in mourning, Silvia Lomelí He announced the departure of his father, and through tears, dismissed him with a moving message.

No doubt the virus Covid 19, has taken millions of lives around the world, today one of those that was a collaborator within the program "Today", goes through a sad event after losing one of his loved ones to the ruthless virus, his father.

It was through social networks that the communicator shared the news, in a moving message, Silvia Lomelí gave an emotional farewell to her father.

The ex driver He flooded his Instagram account with the best memories of the being that was so important in his life. Through a photo carousel he showed some of the best moments that he treasures today of his father in life.

With much pain and I confess that by arming myself with courage, I want to share with you that my dad moved home "To Heaven" he graduated from this life and is with our beloved God!

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It was the same actress who unveiled the reasons why her father died, unfortunately, a victim of the current health crisis.

All my family and I are in the process of recovering from COVID, I ask you with all my heart for a lot of prayer for both my dad and all of us! Thank's for your love...

Similarly, Silvia Lomelí, who for years has struggled to recover from a series of illnesses, the same that took her away at one point in her television career, shared that she herself is in a struggle to overcome her condition after testing positive for Covid-19.

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It should be remembered that Mexico is the second country that has been placed with the highest number of cases in recent days, a fact that day by day it claims more lives and the world of entertainment has been no exception.

A few minutes after the publication of the former host was released, various personalities of the medium, mainly former collaborators of the television figure, showed their support for the difficult time that she and her family are experiencing.

Hugs Preciosa, wrote the presenter Claudia Lizaldi

I love you my Silviña, I am with you at all times. I am very sorry they are in my prayers, reiterated the actress Geraldine Galván.

For her part, Andrea Legarreta also addressed a few words of Consuelo for Lomelí and her family

Blessings! Much love and strength to you heart! I hug you strongly!

Later, Luz Elena González also dedicated a message in which she showered support for her former colleague.

I'm very sorry my beautiful Silvia, that your daddy DEP And I hug you in the distance but with great strength and asking God to recover soon!

In the same way, @Vegabiestro and @ Larox07 (Roxana Castellanos) shared words of encouragement to which were added those of various people who know or have followed the path of Silvia who stood out as one of the television presenters and collaborated in various programs.

The passage of Silvia Lomelí in the entertainment world was formed by various participations that placed her at the forefront of programs dedicated to the world of entertainment and even sports,

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It was in the "Cachi cachi porra" where he began his career, from there he jumped to Televisa. Her talent led her to the world of acting where she participated in novels such as "Forever my love", "SOS Mission," Complices to the rescue "," Friends x Always "," The ninth commandment ", among the best known.

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In addition, he appeared in television series such as "Rosa de Guadalupe" and some comedy programs, as well as in "Hoy" by "Las Estrellas" and his most recent participation was in the broadcast known as "El Chismorreo".



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