Frank Sinatra: knows his biggest secret, haunted him throughout his career

One of the most important figures in music, Frank Sinatra, had a secret that surely you never thought, a secret that tormented him throughout his career artistic and here we will introduce you.

That of which the musician was so sorry, was his participation in a adult movie In the year of 1934This being something that haunted him throughout his career.

However, it was his best kept secret, but it was revealed that he participated in the 19 years in this film, something that only some close friends of Sinatra knew, such as his great friend and partner Peter Lawford.

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But, several years after the death of La Voz, himself Lawford revealed his big secret without any penalty.

This discovery is part of the Biography from the crooner published by the writer Darwin Porter, entitled "The Boudoir Singer"

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In it, he tells that young Frank Sinatra, ruined and drowned by debt, agreed to participate in "The masked Bandit", an adult film, in order to be able to carry out his professional career.

In this film, which was released in 1934, Frank Sinatra he charged $ 100 for his role, and even though appeared on camera with a mask, so that it was impossible to recognize him, the memory haunted him throughout his life, and he always lived in fear that his good image would be discovered and stained.

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This is why Frank went through two very embarrassing moments throughout his career because of this movie.

The first, because of the film screening in a private party organized by Sammy Davis, to which he was invited, which caused him deep anger.

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Then, years later, a production company tried to make a compilation of erotic movies in which Hollywood stars had participated, and the musician had to turn to his mafia contacts to prevent your tape from being included in that selection.

Incredible, isn't it?, One of the greatest popular music stars of the 20th century did apparently up the impossible to achieve your dreams, and boy did he succeed.

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