Fratelli Serpenti, Monicelli and that unexpected Christmas classic

Although it went largely unnoticed upon its release in 1992, Relatives Serpents in recent years it has become one of those films to see and review over the holidays. The credit goes to the extraordinary Monicelli, who in a classic Italian comedy has been able to best paint the most typical of family dramas.

Strong of a cast composed of excellent characters of our cinema like Alessandro News, Marina Confalone, Thomas White, Cinzia Leone, Monica Scattini e Paolo Panelli, Parenti Serpenti takes place in a snow-covered Abruzzo, where two elderly gentlemen meet to welcome their children and grandchildren in view of the Christmas holidays.

Everything seems to be going well, until forced coexistence does not bring out all the small envy and jealousy among relatives, making evident the mutual effort with which they pretend to bear each other. The ending is what you don't expect but, also the only possible one in a dysfunctional family that can no longer live with naivety, the warmth of those around it. The only positive characters are the two elderly spouses Trieste, whose only fault is precisely that of being elderly. This fault will also be their condemnation.

Relatives snakes is therefore theyet another masterpiece by Mario Monicelli, who with his biting courage offers us a profound analysis of today's society, increasingly superficial and less willing to take care of those who are less young, desecrating the family nest, which has always been untouchable in our country.

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