Free Plagiarism Checker: Say NO to Plagiarized Texts

Say NO to plagiarized texts is the slogan of today’s world and you can’t fight it no matter how hard you try! You should start understanding that gone are the days where you copied work and published it under your own name without paying any tributes or credits to the original author of the work! You should know that the rules and regulations about plagiarism have become very strict, and there is zero tolerance in this regard no matter if you talk about website content or academic work!

We would like you guys to know that today it is important that you use plagiarism checker free tools that will help you in the detection of plagiarism so that you can save yourself and your website/assignments from rejections and penalties! Using plagiarism checker, free tools is the key to success, and if you are not using the right tool, then you are simply risking a lot! There are many plagiarism detector free tools on the web today, but not all of them are accurate, and for this very reason we are going to tell you about the most accurate and the best free plagiarism checker tool! So stay tuned and read below the details about it!

Plagiarism Checker Software Tool by Plagiarismdetector.Net!

Now the first plagiarism checker software free tool does not need a name as the name of the parent website defines it completely, if you haven’t guessed it up till now you guys should know that we are talking about the PlagiarismDetector.Net! Now, this is a platform that is both simple and accurate for all of us! This tool can be used to check any kind of content that you want may it be educational or entertainment/blog! So now we are going to tell you about how to use this tool and also about its advanced features which make it the best one!

Now, first of all, you have to navigate the on the internet and open up the tool on your browser! You will see a very simple outlook of the web page containing this tool, and you will at once understand how to use it even if it’s your first time! Now here we will like you guys to know that within this tool you will see a text box in which you can add text in two ways! The first way is to simply type the text in the box and the second way is to simply copy the text from the published source and paste it from your clipboard! After inputting the text, you just have to hit the Check plagiarism button, and the tool will take it from there but wait! There are some other features of the tool that you need to know about!

  1. First of all, you guys should know that the plagiarism detector tool allows you to upload documents directly from the document gallery, but if you are using the free plagiarism software then you should know that the document or the word count should be no more than 1000 words!
  2. Another amazing feature of this tool is that it can exclude the URLs of the websites that you want to avoid checking your content with!
  3. You can also simply use this tool to check your website or any other kind of content directly with a URL! With this feature of the tool, you will be specifically targeting a single website!
  4. Now you should know that you can also check your content for grammar and other silly mistakes using this amazing tool!
  5. You will be surprised to know that you can simply help yourself in upload documents directly from the Dropbox using this plagiarism checker free tool!
  6. This tool will create the best and the most accurate and detailed reports about your content which will tell you exactly about the originality and the plagiarism in your content! Moreover, you should know that you can also know about the exact sources from where the content is said to be copied from!

Now, most of you must be thinking about how this tool works and why it is known to be the most trustworthy plagiarism checker free tool on the internet!

Back-End Working of the Tool!

Now, first of all, know that this is an online-based tool and so it has one of the vast databases that go beyond 20 billion webpages! Now when you enter the text in the tool or upload it the first step that the tool takes is that it reads and then splits the text into small phrases of mere five to eight words! Now these hundred or so phrases are simply compared individually with the database of this tool, and in this way, even the smallest traces of plagiarism are detected, and if your content is getting accusation of accidental or self-plagiarism you can still fix it!

So make sure you use this amazing tool always when you are submitting or publishing a new content!

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