Friends: Matthew Perry's appearance worries his fans

These concerns arose after capturing Matthew Perry at the entrance of a building in Beverly Hills.

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We know that, since its inception, Matthew Perry has been one of the actors who has given us the most joy and laughter and thanks to his intimate participation as Chandler in Friends, he has earned the affection of millions of people over the years. They are currently very concerned about him.

It seems that Perry is not going through his best moment, because while we remain impatient waiting for the premiere of the reunion of the iconic series, the American actor continues to suffer the ravages of his recent separation from his wife Molly Horwitz.

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In addition, and as it is well known, he has been in an endless battle with a picture of depression diagnosed for several years now and although he was very happy a few weeks ago, everything indicates that this social isolation by the health contingency is affecting him quite.

Just this week, the actor was seen just as he was leaving a building located in Beverly Hills and he could be seen notoriously deteriorated and peculiarly neglected, the cameras captured him leaning against a wall in which we can see him using his face mask fallen on his neck and with an extremely lost look.

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In addition, it is quite remarkable that she is currently above her healthy weight, even her clothes look very neglected, since it gives an aspect of not having been cleaned previously, so it can be concluded that she has some weeks in which Matthew does not worry for their physical well-being or their state of health.

However, some sources close to the actor have confessed that he had currently been improving, as it could also be seen on his social networks, it is important that we remember that Matthew has always been and has been totally transparent, we even know that he never hesitated to tell his problems of alcohol addiction and consumption of other substances.

It is for such reasons, that knowing that the actor was now improving the alarm of concern was activated again because you really do not know what is going on in Matthew's life so that he is neglected in such a way. We sincerely hope that the meeting with your former friends in Friends will help you to improve your mood and health again.

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