From Dreams to Freedom Chapter 126 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

From Dreams to Freedom Chapter 126 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The book From Dreams to Freedom Fans all over the world love the South Korean manhwa, a series that was written by Robert Hoss. Book lovers who like the Manhwa series ought to continue reading.

You will have gathered all the information you need about From Dreams to Freedom Volume 126 by the time you finish, including when it came out, reviews, the story, and the latest news. Thanks so much for coming all the way to see us. Adults are the only ones who should read this story. If you want to read it, give it a try.

Siyun is now beginning to remember some of his memories after being in the hospital for a while, but he still can’t remember Jeongmin. Siyun keeps moving away from Jeongmin, even though he is determined. Is this Jeongmin’s punishment for how he treated Siyun before? In the future, changes will be able to answer this question.

From Dreams to Freedom Chapter 126 Release Date:

There was a lot of excitement about the upcoming section of From Dreams to Freedom, but soon, Chapter 126 will be out for everyone to see. Yes, you did read that right! On January 23, 2024, the 126th volume of From Dreams to Freedom is going to come out.

From Dreams to Freedom Chapter 126 Trailer Release:

It is true that you can watch a clip for From Dreams to Freedom, Volume 126.

From Dreams to Freedom Chapter 126 Storyline:

The memories that came back to Siyun were from the time he spent with Jeongmin, but they are still fuzzy, so Siyun doesn’t truly believe them. He shakes his head, and Siyun comes to his senses. He pushes Jeongmin away right away, so she can’t kiss him. Even though this quick action shocks Jeongmin, she doesn’t ask why it happened.

Jeongmin let out a sigh because he knew something similar was going to happen. Siyun says he will go to a different hospital if Jeongmin doesn’t stop visiting him. Besides that, he asks Jeongmin to tell everyone to stop visiting him. Jeongmin was already mad at Siyun for how he was acting, and what he said made her even more mad.

She tells Siyun that she can’t take it any longer when he acts like he doesn’t know her. He doesn’t usually try to avoid things, so she tells him she’s ready to collaborate with him to clear up any confusion. Still, Siyun doesn’t understand what Jeongmin is trying to say to him.

As they get closer, Jeongmin tells Siyun that he needs to change the way he looks into her blue eyes if he is to deceive her. It dawned on Siyun that Jeongmin’s face was completely fuzzy. Siyun starts to say over and over that he doesn’t know anything, as well as beg Jeongmin to leave them alone because he is feeling stressed again.

After giving up, Jeongmin finally chooses to leave, looking tired. It takes Jeongmin a few days to figure out that this won’t be easy. As Jeongmin is leaving school, her friend meets her in the hallway and asks if she will be going back to the hotel.

Someone Jeongmin is friends with asks her why her boyfriend is in the hospital. When she hears this question, Jeongmin is almost sick from remembering the terrible thing that delivered Siyun to the hospital. After making up an excuse for her behavior, she leaves the place quickly.

Siyun doesn’t understand why Jeongmin is after him like a moth to a flame while he’s hiding. Siyun is so scared all of a sudden that his spirit almost leaves his body when he feels a hand on his back. Yejoo is standing beneath him when he turns around. Yejoo feels bad about scaring Siyun.

Siyun thinks that Yejoo is her twin sister, Yerin, and all of a sudden he remembers some of the good times he had with Yerin. Thank goodness the confusion was quickly cleared up when Yejoo told Siyun that she wasn’t Yerin. She also says that observing Siyun miss Yerin so much makes her happy.

Following this, Siyun and Yejoo continued talking about other things. At the same time, Jeongmin looks for Siyun all over the hospital and finally spots him hiding. Watching Siyun hide with a girl and talk to her like he knows her well makes her very angry.

Siyun asks Yejoo why she’s in the hospital, and she says that she had an appendectomy and will be sent home the next day. Then she asks Siyun why he’s in the hospital, but before he can answer, Jeongmin shows up, and Siyun gets scared when he sees her angry face.

Volume 124 of “From Dreams to Freedom” is about Jung-min’s fight in his dreams against his bully, Ha Joo-hyun. Jung-min has to make a hard choice between the safety of his dreams and the harsh world he wants to escape. He wants to stop being tormented all the time.

Siyoon still doesn’t want to talk about her past, but she does give some hints about how she can get through Jung-min’s thoughts. As their friendship grows, a sweet romance starts to grow between them.

But Ha Joo-hyun’s threats and enemies, whom they didn’t expect to meet in real life, make them unhappy. A long-kept family secret comes to light that is connected to Siyoon’s mysterious past.

This throws off their growing connection and makes them question what they really understand about each other. The threat grows, appearing in dreams and in real life.

Not caring about Jeongmin’s persistence, Siyun keeps pulling away from him. Is this Jeongmin’s way of getting back at Siyun for how he treated her before? Updates in the future are the only sources that can answer this question.

Wants Freedom to Freedom As Jeongmin gets closer to Chapter 125, Siyun is first lost in his own thoughts. He thinks about why approaching Jeongmin makes him feel so stressed as his head starts to hurt.

All of Siyun’s memories come back to him at once, but they’re too fuzzy for him to understand. Siyun wants to know why Jeongmin is after him like a moth to a flame while he is hiding.

When Siyun feels a hand in his back, he is in so much pain that his soul almost leaves his body. Yejoo is standing behind him when he turns around. Yejoo feels bad that he scared Siyun.

Where To Watch From Dreams to Freedom Chapter 126?

When and where it says on Web Toon, you can read From Dreams to Freedom Volume 126 as soon as it comes out. A version of the chapter in English will also be sent. Besides that, check out the raw version on Naver.

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