from Frozen to Gladiator, his speech is exciting!

Passion for cinema is what unites many of us, including the actors we see on the big screen. And to celebrate the unique and unrepeatable experience of the hall, Daniel Craig he wanted to make his contribution with an essay on Empire Magazine, in which he reveals all (or almost) his favorite moments related to cinema.

Now that cinemas are finally reopening their doors in different countries, and not just in China or the United States, we can all go back to experiencing exciting moments in the company of other spectators in front of a giant screen.

In the meantime, however, let’s let 007 interpreter Daniel Craig reveal what some of his are more precious memories related to his experience as a spectator in the hall, as we read in an essay he wrote for Empire Magazine.

The Incredible Journey into the Unknown with my sister.

Cry all my tears with The Incredible Adventure.

Dancing in the hallway throwing popcorn into the air with Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta dazzle everyone on the screen.

Hiding under the chair in front of me when Roy Scheider was fighting that shark.

Not even trying to go to the cinema to see Alien or The Exorcist.

Strongly squeeze the armrest of the chair, struck by Blade Runner, the unsustainable tension.

Rutger Hauer!

Cheer for Roger Moore as he danced over the alligators.

Blush in front of Betty Blue.

Being dizzy watching Avatar.


That damn huge boat that sank.

The Mummy is one of my favorites.

Toy Story.


For the misery, Frozen.

Put those good guys in there too.

Throw in GoodFellas.

All that is by Alan Parker.


Daniel Day-Lewis in My Left Foot.


Mike Leigh/Haneke.

Every arthouse movie and every arthouse cinema.

The Avengers.

Black Panthers.

Ryan Reynolds in a tight red onesie.

The Piano.

My God, Holly Hunter !!

And again, and again, and again.

It will never end, and it shouldn’t.

All these memories and experiences have been shared with complete strangers; the lights go out, the projector flickers, silence descends or an enthusiastic cry goes up.

Sometimes the arts need little rituals to awaken the magic. If films are no longer shown in theaters, their value will decrease, and however large the budget may be, each film will become smaller and smaller.

Collective experiences shape our lives, and even if they are clearly biased, films unite us.

Whether it’s a love story or a space battle that I have ten meters away, it travels straight through my heart“.

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