From his first photos on the beach to the furious legal fight for his son: the love-hate story of

At the hearing, held virtually by the social distancing measures for the coronavirus, Colate accused Paulina, her brother Enrique, and her mother, actress Susana Dosamantes, of hitting the little boy, in addition to ensuring that the artist uses drugs. To demonstrate it, he presented the video of his mentioned live broadcast. However, Spencer multack, a judge in a family court in Miami, where the media resides with her son, ordered that both parents must share the child's education. In addition, he ruled that the young man be with the singer on Mother's Day, which in much of the world was celebrated on May 10 last.

The crush with Colate came for Paulina after two conflicting relationships with the rocker Erick Rubín and the architect Ricardo Bofill. Member of a notable family in Spain, he is an entrepreneur and public relationist. “I met Paulina in 1999, when I went to see the production of a program on the coast near Valencia and there was a beautiful blonde Mexican driver that I had already seen. That first meeting with her was special, for everything that happened afterwards. Nothing happened that time but I think there was an important connection. What happened is that we had a partner at that time, she was with a Spanish boy (referring to Ricardo Bofill) ”, he recalled later on the Mexican channel Imagen Televisión.

The truth is that, according to their testimony, they exchanged their contacts but they did not meet again for many years. It was not until July 2005, when they both met for the first time in single life, that they began to see each other. His first public appearance was to kisses on the beaches of Ibiza: at that time, the figure of Colate began to transcend the borders of his country and arrived in Mexico. It did not take long to spread throughout Latin America, with the same force as the songs of the Golden Girl, which enjoyed one of its most popular moments.

"I liked her since I met her. I had already noticed her in Spain before, every time she made an appearance. I was drawn to it all: it is a source of energy. There was something between us ... For something we ended up getting married. When she didn't have a partner and I didn't meet in Monte Carlo either, we saw each other there and became boyfriends. I always thought I was going to marry a Mexican ... ", revealed the businessman to the cycle Selling.

Colate's life has been marked by controversy since she was young and she had already had romances with various public figures, such as the model Ines Sastre, the driver Patricia Perez and the duchess of Montoro Eugenia Martínez de Irujo. Probably because of their brief relationships, the press did not take their union with Paulina too seriously. However, the presence of the businessman in all the events to which the singer was invited and the photos of both passionately kissing wherever they were together showed that theirs it wasn't just a summer love.

Once the couple was consolidated, they settled in Miami, where she had a mansion. However they could spend a lot of time apart: She was in one of the best moments of his career and used to travel with his tours to different parts of the world, and he also flew regularly to Spain for work reasons. Anyway, the relationship between them seemed to be going in the best way.

So much so that on April 30, 2007 celebrated their wedding with a lavish party for more than 700 guests in the luxurious villa of the Xcaret ecotourism park, in Mexico. First there was a civil ceremony and later the religious one in the chapel of San Francisco de Asís before the Virgin of Guadalupe. The festivities lasted no more and no less than four days.

Sensitized and very smiling, Paulina and her brand-new husband paused in the middle of the wedding to go out and speak to the press. “The most exciting moment was when they declared us husband and wife. I am super excited, I meet a man who loves me, loves me and respects me. I will give you many ruby spoiled. I want three or four, because I don't know, God will say… ”, the singer announced about her desire to become a mother.

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An untimely marriage

The calm remained for two years, until the storm broke out, which acted as a harbinger of the storm. The first great crisis was confirmed in August 2009 with the publication on the cover of the Spanish magazine Ten minutes, who prayed: "Paulina and Colate, on the verge of breaking up" In it, he made sure that it was a crisis motivated by the singer's decision to turn entirely to promoting her album Gran City Pop, which had been released in June of that year. As indicated, he had left his marriage "in the background" and he even made sure that they had stopped living together because of the discussions that arose as a result of this situation.

She was in charge of answering the versions with photos with her husband but the rumors related to the couple crisis would never stop. A few months later Paulina's pregnancy was confirmed. Andrea Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera Rubio arrived in the world on November 14, 2010.

Not long after, versions of a new marriage crisis began to circulate. It would have occurred after the death of the singer's father, Enrique Rubio, in early 2011. Paulina was having a very difficult time and she was even photographed alone on the streets of Los Angeles, around the same time as Colate was seen at a boat party in Miami, in the company of friends like Alejandro Sanz, Eva Longoria and Antonio Carmona.

As throughout their entire marriage, Paulina and Colate was not on the same page, but they were still together for the love of their only son. She went alone to the CQ Awards ceremony held in Madrid in November 2011 and preferred not to answer when asked about her husband, and he attended his wedding without his wife. José María Aznar Jr., son of the former President of the Government of Spain.

The following months the businessman settled in Miami with his son, while the singer promoted Brava, his latest album. According to friends of the couple told the Spanish media Vanitatis, the relationship was already "torture" for the Colate, who finally threw in the towel and decided to spend Christmas with his family in Spain, without his wife. Then, the first days of 2012 he enjoyed them on the paradisiacal beaches of the Dominican Republic with his sister, Samantha, and some friends of hers.

The separation was almost a fact and was confirmed by Paulina herself to Mexican television. “I am not divorced yet. Fighting for divorce papers is difficult because baby needs to be with me most of the time. I hope that things will calm down little by little, ”said the singer, foreseeing that the theme could spread over time, although she never imagined everything that would happen later.

"I don't blame Paulina at all," Colate told the magazine. Hello! from Spain on the reasons for the separation - although I would have liked her to do more to save our marriage. She cares about different things than me. In my opinion, you have not given the importance you deserved to our relationship within your world. I think communication has failed and understanding the needs of the person you live with. ”

With the separation came the dispute between the singer and the businessman, which continues to this day and revolves around the visitation regime and the food quota of her son. Colate originally He was claiming a million dollars to spread over three years and full custody of the minor due to the artist's tours, but the Golden Girl flatly refused.

He justified the figure by hinting that he put aside his career to be with the singer: “I left my businesses, my family. All the money I have earned has been controlled by my wife. I have married a woman whom I have trusted and since we have lived in her structure, because we consider that her career was more important, she or her people were the ones who controlled our money. So from the day I parted I have no access to money"

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After a year of negotiations, on the recommendation of his lawyers, the businessman accepted Paulina's extrajudicial offer: they would share custody of the minor (one week each) and She would pay him $ 243,000 in three years as a food fee, in addition to Colate's obligation to hire a babysitter 24 hours a day. the days when the child was with him.

Of course, the conflict would not come to an end so quickly. A year later, according to the site TMZ, Colate would have made the attempt to keep the power in the care of Nico -as they say to his son-, trying to show that his ex-wife's mental health would prevent him from carrying out his maternal duties. Although this strategy did not give results, the businessman went to court again to try to change the conditions of the visitation regime.

He got it in late 2014, by signing -finally- the divorce with Paulina. In the agreement signed in the Miami courts, it was determined that the man would no longer be forced to contract the services of a babysitter as long as he was with his son, and that when the young man turned 12, the ten-hour limit would disappear. They had to limit their trips to see their parents, which made it difficult for him to go to Spain to visit his paternal family.

The spirits were far from calming: during the following years Colate's accusations against his ex-wife for not complying with child custody times were frequent. After spending Christmas 2017 with his mother, Nico was supposed to travel to Spain, but on December 29 the businessman asked the Miami Court for an emergency request that his ex-wife return her son on time, and It was not until January 5 that the judge ruled that the boy should return to his father on the first available flight to the Iberian country. Claiming he couldn't find flights, Paulina stayed with him until January 9, prompting Colate to sue her for contempt.

He always preferred to keep this topic away from the media, but when he was reunited with Nico, after spending the Holidays without him, he published a photo hugging him and wrote: "Finally together after too long ... And it shouldn't have been like this." And in the following months the cross declarations were increasing in tone; Sneak up to say that Paulina has been "the person who harmed her the most" in her life.

Now in April 2019 It was Paulina who sued her ex-husband for hiding her son's whereabouts from him during her time with him.. In addition, according to her, for three weeks Colate would have prevented her from maintaining all kinds of telephone contact with her son. The businessman denied everything: "The truth is that I am not too clear about what he is looking for."

As if this were not enough, the singer Gerardo Bazúa, Paulina's partner between 2013 and 2018, got into the middle of the conflict and firmly defended Colate. He posted a photo of Nico alongside Eros, the son he had with the Golden Girl, and said she "is not ashamed".

The couple reached an agreement after this situation but the waters did not calm down. On the contrary: just a few days after Gerardo Bazúa sued Paulina for not allowing him to see Eros, Colate resorted to justice to suspend the visitation agreement to Nico, who is currently ten years old, alleging alleged addictions of the artist.

What was said at the beginning: in a ruling of the Miami family court it was ordered that both must share the education of the minor, who was handed over to the singer to spend with her on Mother's Day. One less headache for Paulina, one more conflict for the long list of scandals.

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