Gal Gadot comments on the Armie Hammer scandal: “It’s a complex situation”

In a recent interview with the Israeli site Mako / N12, during which he broke the silence on the threats of Joss Whedon on the set of Justice League, Gal Gadot commented on the recent scandal that hit Armie Hammer, his co-star in Murder on the Nile.

The two played a couple in the film directed by Kennet Branagh, whose release was postponed to February 10, 2022. In commenting on the media chaos, born of alleged messages posted anonymously from a Twitter account and fueled by allegations of sexual abuse against of the actor, the star of Wonder Woman they did not want to unbalance: “It is a very complex matter. If it is true that he has done those things, then a person has to pay the price of his shares and assume his responsibilities. I don’t know what will happen.”

In recent months, there has been talk of the hypothesis that Disney could proceed with reshoots to replace the character of Hammer in Murder on the Nile, an operation that would recall what was done by the production of All the money in the world to replace Kevin Spacey following his well-known legal events, but according to some rumors the House of Mickey Mouse does not seem willing to act in this way. Unless there are surprises, in any case, the actor is unlikely to be involved in the promotion of the film.

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