Gal Gadot criticized for her desire to play Cleopatra

Known for her role as Diana Prince better known as Wonder Woman, the 35-year-old actress Gal Gadot originally from Petah Tikva, Israel shared her desire to become the new Cleopatra in her next movieDue to this, some netizens shared their discontent and began to criticize her.

In social networks the term "Whitewashing" (its translation is whitewashing), has been used a lot for months, this due to the insistence of Hollywood to present white actors in the film industry playing characters that could in turn be perfectly interpreted by histriones of the own ethnic group or race of which the content of the original project is concerned.

Patty Jenkins will be in charge of taking the project to the cinema, again Gal Gadot she was ready to work with her having been chosen to interpret the story of one of Egypt's greatest Pharaohs, Queen Cleopatra.

Some years ago, for a white actor to play a character of another race or even put on makeup to look more like the story was quite normal, it should be remembered that the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor gave life to the Pharaoh in the year of 1963.

Her performance became one of the most representative images of the ruler who was also a writer of medical treatises, naval commander, linguist and diplomat, the film in which the actress appeared is one of the best known in her career and Above all, it was thanks to her that a little more was learned about Cleopatra one of the greatest figures in Egyptian and world history

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For some time now, Internet users have found it rude that actors play roles that do not "go with the character", one of the most notorious cases was when it was planned to do the live action of Disney's "The Little Mermaid" where it was intended that a colored actress played the young mermaid who is originally white and red-haired, something that annoyed Internet users when they learned that she would be played by someone dark, not because the actress was but because she was out of the picture. original context of the film.

This case was one of the most notorious, however, films have been presented where white actors play brown people, perhaps some Internet users are already bothering about this fact and social networks are the best way to express their discontent, this same happened with Gal Gadot.

Don't you understand the political tensions between Israel and the rest of that region? It looks like an intentional slap in which #GalGadot plays a historical figure of Persian / Syrian / Greek / Egyptian origin. #cleopatra #GalGadot, "@HaniMefti wrote on Twitter.

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However, as was to be expected immediately, the support for the actress was immediately noticed, hundreds of followers of the actress immediately came to her defense, some were given the task of explaining the fact that it was "allowed" for a White actress will play her for her offspring.

But what kind of racism, xenophobia and little to no knowledge of history must you have to criticize Gal Gadot for her next role as Cleopatra, please. It is not going to be that Ana Bolena is interpreted by a person of color because that is fine, "wrote @ LeoneLinares4 on Twitter.

The project seems to be more than accepted, perhaps for some Internet users it is perfect that Gal Gadot becomes the Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, so another segment will have to accept it, although there are several opinions about it, perhaps from now on Hollywood projects will have a little more attention to the actors they select for their roles.

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