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Gautam Koyani’s Interesting Journey To Become A Successful SEO Professional

Gautam Koyani’s Interesting Journey To Become A Successful SEO Professional

Courage and will to never give up is what drives people to achieve their desired goals. Gautam Koyani believed and implemented it in his life in order to become the successful SEO Professional he is now. Although there are many times when he received failures, Gautam Koyani did not lose his focus to keep moving forward towards his dreams. Being a college student, he was not fond of the experience and knowledge needed to embark on the journey of becoming an SEO Professional. But it was his passion and hard work that helped him to reach up to his maximum potential.

As an owner of Click Cipher, Gautam Koyani lives in Rajkot city of Gujarat and earns decent money from Digital marketing. He managed to develop many apps for a large number of clients to help them in their daily business life. Apart from diving deep into the website flipping business, Gautam Koyani also jumped in for doing Brand Management and Advertising for various firms and organizations. Not only he promoted Saurashtra Tourism effectively but also managed branding for over many political parties seeking to reach a wider audience.

Gautam Koyani is an average student who pursued his Master of Computer Applications degree from Atmiya College of Gujarat Technological University. Having realized his dream of becoming an SEO Professional, he started working towards achieving it in his college days. While pursuing his college degree, Gautam Koyani managed to start his own company. He devoted his after college hours consistently to learning about every aspect of Search Engine Optimization and how it works. It was not long before he got aware of “Monetization of Blogs” and started working on various blogs and websites.

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Earlier days were so struggling for Gautam Koyani as he did not know much about the SEO tactics and their implementation. But over time, he grew fond of the knowledge and found his way around to reach a wider audience through his websites. Later on, he learned about the site flipping business and realized that what he was doing happens to be time-consuming. That was the time when Gautam Koyani decided to buy websites that were already having some daily visitors instead of growing a website from the scratch. He will buy websites at a lower price than the market price, implement his SEO tactics to grow them, and then sell it at a higher value.

Having years of experience, Gautam Koyani is now dealing with a number of clients and has websites in various niches, affiliate marketing, news networking, and many other subjects. At the current moment of writing, his websites are getting traffic all around the world with having more than 10 million views on most of his websites. Gautam Koyani is successful to generate a tremendous profit every year.

Now, Gautam Koyani keeps on building several websites at a time with the only goal of improving their ranking and reachability. There is no doubt that Gautam Koyani will take a breath until he will become a successful SEO Professional and SEO Expert.

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