Gerardo Hemmer, executive and television station, involved in his mysterious ending at age 25

The young actor Gerardo Hemmer he lost his life at 25 years when his career was just beginning to take off and new rumors strongly involved a famous television executive.

Gerardo was one of the actors who was part of the ranks of a famous television station. several years ago however when I was 25 years he was found lifeless and the version that had been somewhat incidental was handled.

However, at present new details have been revealed about his the mysterious facts in which Gerardo lost his life.

There is the strong rumor who has unleashed the suspicions, same that now point to a powerful shareholder of the television consortium, which they assure, discovered everything.

Gerardo Hemmer I was just beginning to taste the honeys of the success when he was surprised by an unexpected outcome which to date is not entirely clear.

New details would reveal that Hemmer He lost his life due to a "crime of passion", he was found a day without life, strong rumors now indicate that a television station covered up all the facts since one of its executives was involved, as they point out.

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The sinister events occurred on September 4, nineteen ninety five, when the actor from 25 years he was found lifeless, he hadn't even finished recording his first proton on the television "Dove"with Maite Embil.

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The melodrama only lasted 50 chapters And it was in its third week of being aired when the tragic news invaded show business back then. So the story was left unfinished.

According to Univisión, he announced that the young actor was located in his department with an alleged "suffocation"for butane gas while sleeping, at least that was the version that was released and was endorsed by a television company.

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However, they do not rule out that there were many inconsistencies in these versions, since apparently a window was open, so the gas could have escaped through there, but authorities contested that the window "may have been opened by the action of the external wind."

Also, some others versions point out that the actor's already lifeless body had several injuries.

The above gained more force when the entertainment journalist, Victor Hugo Sánchez of DF magazine will start again the controversy about what really happened to the actor.

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The journalist himself gave himself the task of researchHowever, they assure, it was his own boss, Leopoldo Meraz who knew some of the rugged details, which he revealed.

Look, from early on I spoke with Jacobo Zabludovsky (editor of the newspaper 'Ovaciones' at that time) and he told me that Hemmer's life was cut short, that the g3nit @ les were cut off and put in his mouth. Apparently he was with someone, but he was married. He did not live in that apartment, it was a single apartment where he met that person, "Leopoldo would have told him.

Style DF gave one of the most chilling versions of the actor.

Years later, accusations are turned on the prestigious television station for allegedly "having covered up the incident so that it never came to light", since apparently one of the people with whom Hemmer had an affair belonged to the group of executives of that company.

They indicate that this person was married, highlighting the possibility that the events occurred for p @ sional reasons and not an incident, as the versions that were handled at that time indicated.

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According to the theory known so far and which "Tomatazos" has shared the actor had an alleged relationship with a shareholder of the television, however, a question of "jealousy"They would lead to paying for third parties to end the actor's life for an alleged" deception ". At least, this is one of the many theories that are handled but have not been fully tested.

But surely, among so many rumors, it could be that the truth about his departure is closer to knowing.

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