Glee: The series has a curse, more and more cases show it

The successful musical series "Glee" is cursed: the cases of suicide, drugs, abuse, racism, possession of child pornography and even rape have been sounded, which have cut short the lives of some of its protagonists. The last of the events, the disappearance of actress Naya Rivera this Wednesday.

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The American interpreter of Puerto Rican origin who gave life to Santana López in this musical series, has been missing since Wednesday afternoon after falling into the water in a lake near Los Angeles, according to US authorities.

Police in Ventura, a county in northern California, are looking for the actress after receiving an emergency call hours after she rented a pleasure boat with her son on Lake Piru. His disappearance is only the latest in the concatenation of "Glee" misfortunes.

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To find out why this fiction, which Ryan Murphy created with the aim of sending positive messages about leaning and creating community in the face of any adversity, has condemned many of its actors, it is necessary to go back to its beginning.

“Glee” was born in 2009 and what appeared to be a normal series on youth concerns at the institute in principle would soon become a global phenomenon. The young actors, initially unknown, had to quickly get used to fame, to being a visible face, to being stopped on the street, to different tours and concerts, in a very short time.

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These premises, mixed with some personal problems, made some of its protagonists not endure success and ended their lives with a tragic ending.

The first of them was the protagonist of the series, Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson), whose body was found in 2013 in a Vancouver hotel. The death of the actor, just 31 years old, was due to substance abuse, among which alcohol and heroin stand out.

Shortly before his death, Monteith had been admitted to a rehabilitation center to recover from an addiction that had dragged on since he was 19 years old.

Five years later another tragedy would come. Mark Salling, who portrayed Noah's character “Puck,” better known to Puckerman, took his own life after being the center of a gruesome affair in which he was found guilty of child pornography and rape of his former partner.

The actor was arrested in December 2015 when investigators found at his home more than 50,000 pornographic and erotic images of children and 600 videos with the same subject, a crime for which he was facing a prison sentence of between four and seven years, in addition to having to pay their victims and be included in the registry of sexual harassers.

Last year, the case of partner abuse by Blake Jenner (Ryder Lynn in "Glee") to his ex-partner, also from the cast of the series, Melissa Benoist (Marley Rose) was uncovered.

“I learned what it feels like to be repeatedly immobilized and slapped, hit so hard that I felt like I was out of air, dragged by the hair on the floor, hit on the head, pinched until my skin broke, smashed into the wall, drowned ”, explained the actress in a hard video uploaded to her Instagram account.

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The interpreter has never given the name of Jenner, but enough data to identify the actor, who was her husband between 2015 and 2017, as the one who mistreated and abused her.

After the murder of George Floyd, the penultimate of the curses came to the cast of "Glee." Actress Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) was accused of racism and micro-assaults during filming by her co-star Samantha Ware (Jane Hayward).

Complaints joined by other actresses causing Michele to publicly apologize for her past behavior. In addition, the actress was also accused of harassment years ago for not wanting to share the limelight. "It was hell to work with her," actress Naya Rivera cited in her memoirs.

Tragic cases that are happening to the actors of the successful musical series. Curses arise and strike again. "Who will be next?"

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