Gloria Trevi's curious way of doing cardio exercises


Gloria Trevi He shared a video on his official Instagram account where he is showing off how he performs cardio exercises, it is a rather curious way that one of his fans will probably copy his technique from now on.

Today the singer interpreter of "You did not want to hurt me" has become a character in the LGBT community, especially for her songs and strong messages since many women have also chosen to take as a banner thanks to their strong lyrics and messages .

To tell the truth, there were two videos that he shared, however in a specific one that was his way of doing cardioThis type of exercise is characterized by the fact that all the muscles are put into motion for a certain time in order to burn fat and lose calories, in addition to helping to improve the functioning of both the heart and the lungs by oxygenating each cell of our body .

As you well know, despite the fact that we are currently in quarantine caused by Covid-19 Gloria Trevi She has not stopped working or devising projects, choreography, scenery and music for her followers, who are her great adoration.

In constant video publications, the beautiful pop music celebrity spends part of her day saying hello and sharing some news with her fans from whom she gets an immediate response.

A few weeks ago Gloria Trevi He shared a video which had been a promise to his fans, how he began to create the choreography for his "Goddess of the night" Tour.

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In the first video we see her possibly in the company of two choreographers, who are dancing at the same time as her, also doing some interesting movements according to the lyrics of the song "Open up bitches."

Indeed we did not use all the ran but it served me as cardio ", were the words he used in his second post.

Gloria Trevi is characterized by being a woman extremely dedicated to her work, to her admirers, especially her family.

Each of his shows are impressive, because not only does he have countless dancers, but also his choreography, songs, costumes and everything that appears on stage is really amazing, not for that reason he is so popular for his presentations.

It could be said that the character that Sergio Andrade created when he first launched the singer to stardom was a rebellious character who answered any question, strong and above all very flirtatious, something that differs a little from the Gloria Trevi real.

Although in reality she is not far from the Gloria Trevi we know, despite being extremely adorable, tender and dedicated, she is also a determined woman, with a strong and imposing character, due to all the tests that life has put on her.

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While her past is not entirely worthy of admiration, her effort, dedication, music, song lyrics and production have put her back on the map, she has represented the LGBT community several times, millions of people sing and they sing their own songs that have become an icon of pop music.

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Something that also characterizes her greatly is her figureAs you already know, Gloria Trevi is 52 years old and continues to have a figure that many people younger than her would envy.

If you are a fan of the singer and interpreter, "Soledad" must know that her real name is Gloria de Los Ángeles Treviño Ruiz and she is originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, but she lived her childhood in Tamaulipas, later moving to Mexico City to begin her career. career.

Within the songs of Gloria Trevi we find a large number of melodies worthy of an excellent meeting between friends or simply to color them while we are alone, if you are a young or old person you will probably recognize more than one of the singer's songs, for what we have come to appreciate, Gloria Trevi will continue to bring us more impressive surprises and spectacular choreography.

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