Goblin Slayer Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Since the first episode of the dark fantasy anime Goblin Slayer came out in 2018, it has become very popular.

Fans of the show can’t wait for the second season to come out. Because there hasn’t been an official announcement about when it will come out, there has been a lot of talk about how it might be canceled.

In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to recognize about Goblin Slayer Season 2, from its storyline to its release date to what fans can expect from the new episodes.

The anime series Goblin Slayer is based on a series of dark fantasy light novels with the same name. The first season has 12 episodes, and it started on October 7, 2018, in Japan.

On December 30, 2018, the very last episode of the initial season aired. Even though there were some problems with the first season, viewers liked it.

Goblin Slayer Season 2 Release Date:

The date that Season 2 of Goblin Slayer will start has not yet been set. But fans can expect it to come out soon because the first season was so popular and successful.

Still, it’s not clear when the exact launch date will be announced. So, season 2 will probably come out in early 2024. It should be out soon, I hope.

Goblin Slayer Season 2 Trailer Release:

Goblin Slayer Season 2 Trailer Release Expected is something that fans of the show are looking forward to.

Also, the team that made the trailer hasn’t said when it will be officially released. Fans can predict a new trailer or trailer, though, a few weeks first before movie comes out. But for now, check out the season 1 trailer that’s out there.

Goblin Slayer Season 2 Cast:

  • Yûichirô Umehara’s job was to kill goblins.
  • Yui Ogura as principal
  • Brad Hawkins as the Killer of Goblins
  • Hayden Daviau asPriestess
  • Nao Tôyama, Archer of the High Elves
  • Mallorie Rodak as Archer of the High Elves
  • As Lizardman Priest, Joshua Bangle
  • Yûichi Nakamura, as Dwarf Shaman
  • Tomokazu Sugita as Lizardman Priest
  • Matt Shipman is one of the extra voices.
  • As the Dwarf Shaman, Barry Yandell
  • Spearman is Kyle Igneczi.
  • Yôko Hikasa is a witch.
  • Yuka Iguchi, in Cow Girl

Goblin Slayer Season 2 Storyline:

In the dark fantasy anime Goblin Slayer, the main character is a young hero who also goes by the same name.

The show’s main characters live in a fantasy world where they go on quests and fight beasts for glory and glory only. Most heroes try to be become famous by killing mythical beasts, but Goblin Slayer’s goal is much simpler: to get rid of goblins.

Goblin Slayer is the main character of the story, and we learn about him first. He is a teen adventurer who wants to get rid of all the goblins in the world.

The Goblin Slayer is known for fighting goblins in a harsh way and not giving up. Because he is obsessed with goblins, his fellow adventurers avoid him and he often has to work alone.

But when the Goblin Slayer needs to meet a youthful priestess who is also an explorer, everything changes.

The priestess just started traveling, so she doesn’t yet know what dangers goblins pose. She agrees to go with a group of green adventurers on a mission to kill goblins, but items go horribly wrong and almost everyone in the group dies.

Goblin Slayer shows up at the right moment to save the priestess. He works with her to finish the task at hand. They work together to beat the goblins, but not until the priestess sees how scary a goblin attack really is.

After all this, the priestess goes with the Goblin Slayer on every mission to get rid of the goblin threat. They meet new people along the way, like a High Elf archer, a dwarf shaman, and a lizard priest.

Throughout the plot of the show, the main character, Goblin Slayer, and his friends fight goblins. Even though goblins don’t seem like much of a threat, the Goblin Slayer is inclined to do anything to safeguard his world from them.

As the story goes on, the characters get closer to each other and have more faith in each other. Along the way, they face many dangers, like brutal goblin kings and other terrifying monsters that are just as scary as the goblins themselves.

The show is known for its intense action scenes and detailed descriptions of the bloodshed. The show doesn’t shy away from showing how violent the goblin invasions were or how far Goblin Slayer and his friends went to stop them.

Throughout the series, the heroes of “Goblin Slayer” face and overcome many problems. Fights with goblins are thrilling and exciting, and the original plot of the show keeps people interested.

In general, the storyline of Goblin Slayer is sad, dramatic, and exciting. The show is different from other anime in the same genre because it is about killing goblins and shows violence in a very real way.

The actors are well-rounded, and as they go through hard times together, their bonds get stronger. This show is a must-see for anyone who likes dark fantasies and nail-biting drama.

At the end of the first season of Goblin Slayer, the team kills the Goblin Lord and his army. This saves the village from being destroyed.

In this anime show, a young priestess joins a group of explorers to fight goblins, which they think are easy to kill because they are low-level monsters.

She is ended up saving by a “Goblin Slayer” who is alone and has no other goals. As the series goes on, it becomes more clear why he wants to kill every demon.

The tone is darker than most shows in the this genre, and there is a real chance that someone will die.

As the story goes on, the level of danger grows, but it doesn’t believe like a video game. Overall, this is a good action/adventure anime with a season 2 in the works.

Fans of the genre should check it out. At the end of the season, the team members go their separate ways, and the main character, Goblin Slayer, goes on his journey.

Goblin Slayer Season 2 Rating and Reviews:


Both fans and critics have different opinions about Goblin Slayer. Some people have said that the show is too violent, whereas others have commended its unique characters and storyline.

The show has a 7.5/10 rating on IMDB and a 7.05/10 rating on MyAnimeList, which shows that it is moderately popular among anime fans.


It’s not good. Not much to it, really. The story isn’t very good, the characters aren’t interesting, or something feels off.

Most of the time, the talk doesn’t lead anywhere. A huge amount of random scenes add to the length of the story without adding much to it. There isn’t much danger or suspense.

I like how dark this same anime can indeed be, but it’s not too dark. Goblins are easy to kill, and they usually won’t hurt you unless you do something stupid like go into a dank cave of them without a light or any experience. Even though it seems obvious, that’s what they do.

The goblin slayer shows up unexpectedly and remains alongside them for several years. It’s funny how they talk like they’re in a dungeon-crawling video game.

I guess gamers might like it because it’s so nerdy. The presentation doesn’t have a lot of funny or lighthearted parts. Most of the time, it’s sad and scary.

Where To Watch Goblin Slayer Season 2:

Since it started in 2018, Goblin Slayer, a famous dark fantasy anime series, has gained a lot of fans. The show’s fans have been looking forward to season 2, which is set to come out in early 2024.

Even though the official release date hasn’t been set, there are several ways for people to watch the next season.

Crunchyroll, a streaming site that only shows anime, is the most popular choice. Some other streaming platform that might have season 2 of Goblin Slayer is Amazon Prime Video.

How So Many Episodes Will Be In The Second Season of Goblin Slayer?

How so many episodes will be in Season 2 of Goblin Slayer? In short, Goblin Slayer hasn’t yet officially said how many episodes will be in the next season.

But fans can probably expect that it will have about 12 episodes, identical to the initial two seasons. The show also has beautiful animation and a strong story, which makes it a must-see for both anime and drama fans.

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