Gocoworker Announces the Crowdsale, the Most Momentous in Europe. 


Barcelona, 13 August 2020 – Gocoworker is a Distributed Autonomous Organisation for Talents, the leader in communal work, for sustainable jobs. 

The world’s economy is undergoing a global systemic crisis: where inflation in the world’s money supply is no longer sufficient to revive the international economy. Pyramidal organizations have reached their limits and are ineffective in the face of the increasing complexity of global challenges. The commodification of humanity is underway.

Thanks to technological innovation, humanity is experiencing lightning-fast evolution towards global collective intelligence. A new quaternary sector is emerging from the collaborative economy with a liquid workforce. Digital natives will represent 75% of workers by 2025. In this post-digital era, a platform economy arises from an Internet of Value. 

While exponential growth of a debt-based monetary system is mathematically unsustainable, Keynesian unemployment is resolved in a token economy that produces sustainable growth and where entrepreneurship allows for workers’ individuation. Communal work is a sustainable job source.

A Distributed Autonomous Organisation for Talents

This successful ecosystem is four-fold: 1) Gocoworker, a distributed organization, for the sustainable creation of dream jobs, enabling professionals to work safely, within a communal platform; 2) Gocompany, communal companies, for engagement in a path of empowerment with first-class social protection; 3) Gocobooster, acceleration programs, for communal learning via the use of cutting-edge methodology; and 4) Gococampus, unique places, for communal entrepreneurship with the provision of campus services.


Pioneering communal work since 2013, Gocoworker offers a proven paradigm for the Internet of Humans. Its mission is to empower 1 million Talents (skilled professionals) and attain a 1% market share in the digital services sector by 2040. The projected turnover of Gocoworker is 100 million euros by 2027 and 10 billion euros by 2040, with an equivalent net cash forecast. 

Gocoworker essentially works with a smart token and a corporate blockchain. The GOCO token is a utility token that allows for the settlement of professional services and the daily life of the organization. GOCO’s total supply is limited to 21 million tokens. The network effect, as a business model, is the foundation of success. 

The presentation video can be found at this link.

The Much Awaited Crowdsale

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The Presale will commence on 2 September 2020 and will end on 14 November 2020. 10% of the tokens will be distributed at a price of 0.1 ETH with an automated referral program, a world first.

The Token Sale will take place from 14 November 2020 to 21 June 2021. 50% of the tokens will be distributed, over 250 periods of 21 hours, prorated based on the total ETH collected during each period. 

A distributed and secure solution is implemented whereby contributions are managed directly through smart contracts. Everyone can join the movement to be free together.

For more information, visit our website.

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