"God gave us life to love her": Yadhira Carrillo revealed what Juan Collado gave him from

Yadhira and Collado were married in 2012 (Instagram: yadhira_carrillo)
Yadhira and Collado were married in 2012 (Instagram: yadhira_carrillo)

True to her promise to continue visiting her husband in the North Reclusorio, Yadhira Carrillo had the opportunity this year to celebrate her birthday in a completely different way, since he did it away from the reflectors and the luxurious presents, but yes, with an emotional phrase that Juan Collado dedicated to him.

During her last visit to the Mexico City prison, the famous confessed to the program Tell me what you know Although this birthday was different, she did receive an emotional gift from her husband, the lawyer who was arrested almost a year ago for money laundering and organized crime.

"He told me: ‘Yadhi, God gave us life to love her, but above all things, to be responsible for the person next to us and that is what I will do all my life with you.’"He said in an interview with the Telemundo show program.

The message, according to the actress, meant too much to her: "So it was such a beautiful birthday present."

Yadhira Carrillo
Yadhira Carrillo

Yadhira Carrillo turned 47 on May 12, when she was also able to meet with whom she married eight years ago.

On that occasion, the famous declared that she is accepting this new situation as one more proof of life: "Everyone is different (birthdays) and it is very good that you learn that in life you are passing through and that today you can have and tomorrow you do not have".

What he did highlight earlier this month was that his mother-in-law, Juan Collado's mother, did suffer the celebration of Mother's Day on May 10.

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"She is very sad, poor thing, for not being able to come. All my sisters-in-law, my sisters, everyone who cannot come; You feel brutal sadness in Juan's house and he in there, (has) tremendous sadness, "said the actress.

Yadhira Carrillo has stressed that she will continue at her husband's side, so even with the coronavirus health crisis, she remains firm in her interest in visiting Juan Collado in the North Reclusorio, where she has been since July last year, when she was involved in the alleged simulated purchase and sale of the Caja Libertad headquarters building, located in Querétaro.

Yadhira Carrillo, the woman married to Juan Collado. (Photo: @yadhiracarrillo)
Yadhira Carrillo, the woman married to Juan Collado. (Photo: @yadhiracarrillo)

The actress said a few days ago that she does not mind getting infected by visiting her husband, but she does follow all the hygiene measures and goes to the penitentiary center with a protective mask.

“We all take good care of ourselves, of course, taking every precaution as it should be and waiting. Remember that he is very touched by the lungs, so we are worried about that, but here we are, here we continue ... ", the model also declared to the cameras of the television program Tell me what you know.

Thus, nothing separates the couple during these hard times and they have even been able to celebrate their anniversary. In March they turned eight years as husband and wife and they did it inside the North Prison.

"I brought him chocolatitos, I brought him some details, things that I did to him and there we go ... in life you don't know what will happen to you, If illnesses, death, this type of things that neither you ask for and that sometimes are not deserved, but that you have to live in life and the most important thing is to get up, stay and be able to get ahead, for me that is the most important and , if God allows us, it will always be that way ”, he explained about his celebration.

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Yadhira Carrillo thinks that at some point they will ban her from visiting Juan Collado (screenshot / YouTube Ventaneando)
Yadhira Carrillo thinks that at some point they will ban her from visiting Juan Collado (screenshot / YouTube Ventaneando)

In late February, Yadhira also commented that there was renewed wedding vows with Collado.

“I remarried him in here. At the beginning when he entered here I told him ‘my beautiful heart, I will marry you again’. I brought him a new ring and I said 'I marry you today and again all my life and if for whatever reason you were here a whole life, because that's how life wanted it, I'm going to be a life with you, a whole life . Where you are, I'm going to be. ’”


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