‘God? I’m not a big fan, I’d be rude to him ‘

The relationship between Woody Allen and religion is known to anyone who has seen more than one film by the great New York director, in which many times, in an often ironic and irreverent way, we have focused on topics close to the spiritual sphere. The statements made on the occasion of the release of Rifkin’s Festival.

What would I say to God if I happened to meet him? I’m not a big fan of his, I think I would be very rude to him, I would ask him ‘but how did you manage to do everything you did?’“were the words with which Woody Allen answered a question posted to him by the journalists of La Stampa.

Allen, who had recently been heavily criticized by Kate Winslet as well as Roman Polanski, then spoke of the effect of the pandemic on his routine: “I woke up in the morning, I was at home, I worked and, of course, I followed the tragedy of the many affected by the disease. In the evening I could not go out but, on the whole, there was no radical change in my habits“.

Similarly, the director admitted that he does not believe that the COVID emergency will cause major changes in people’s behavior: “People who will choose to live in different places, they will no longer go to the office, but, otherwise, people will keep the same desires, the same ambitions, the same weaknesses. The human experience remains the same“From America, meanwhile, they are sure: no American studio will work with Woody Allen anymore.

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